No Zombies Allowed - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer

No Zombies Allowed - Universal - HD Gameplay Trailer
No Zombies Allowed by Booyah, Inc.

ombie hordes are looking to take over and munch on survivors. It's up to YOU to save your town. Start by recruiting survivors and building up your town. And remember...NO ZOMBIES ALLOWED!

No Zombies Allowed has lots of cool, free features.

✓ Build an awesome town full of fun and quirky houses and businesses
✓ Fend off zombies at the gate and clear the way for survivors
✓ Match survivors' personality traits with businesses for a bonus
✓ Search for supplies from real world locations
✓ Upgrade your weapons and battle zombies 
✓ Earn rewards for completing mini-missions and tasks

Download now and show the zombies who's running things here!

We hope you enjoy No Zombies Allowed, brought to you by the people behind My Town 2, My Town Animals, and Early Bird. For any questions, problems or suggestions please email [email protected]

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  • william gu
    plus zombies cant write.
  • william gu
    wow literally how does a sniper shoot that fast.
  • Demotae
    Ah. The fun that was had with this game. So sad I'll never be able to play it again
  • Ahmad Raditya
  • Ed Lennon
    TouchGameplay, will you return this game? It was amazing, I miss it too much :(
  • tere .s
    i enjoyed this game so much :((( so sad it was removed from the app store
  • Legendarygames
    I miss that games i played it with 7 years.i am 12 now😭😭😭
  • Hope Cabello
    Man.... I missed this game. Especially that little
    "Alright" sound that they made.
  • VoRtEx Gaming
    This makes me cry that they went out I miss this so much I want to play it all the time still
  • Azie Azidah
    TouchGameplay I cannot find the game?!
  • Nikola Stoyanov
    i played this game when i was 4-7 years old but when day when i cleared my ipad i couldnt found it from that day on ive been searching the game and now 7 years later i found out it was removed :(
  • OtiRoMuZ
    Damn this game is my childhood, to bad they the business got taken down if anyone could remake the game plz do
  • Peter Delgadillo
    I wish someone would bring this game back :(
  • Diane Borys
    I used to have this game be for
  • MichaelMoss01
    WHAT THEY TOOK IT DOWN... I used to play this on my tablet then got my apple now I found out they took it down

  • Kiira
    Bring it back please :(
  • Rontu Aru
    Man, I remember when I played nothing but this game and Zombie Tsunami. This game was the best.
  • Chris Wisdom
    this game was my childhood... so much nostalgia
  • Alex Estrada
    I can play it my phone is old
  • Hanif Rizky
    my fonts is good and download no zombies allowed
  • Nerdle Turtle
    we need a change .org petition to get this game back.who's with me!
  • lunarwolf958
    das stupid
  • Томас Пак
  • zb xn
    Can you show me how to record video from iPad ,thank you very much
  • BananaSoup
    Are they bringing it back?
  • Krish Nambiar
    is there any way to play it on Android as of now... I've got the apk file as well as the data but it crashes while launching
  • lylyane tran
    plz make more
  • erik miserz
    I'm confused why they took it down there are games on the App Store that have not been updated for years how come those are still running but this game is bot
  • Enrique Rodriguez
    Like this comment if this was your fav game
  • karen williams
    I miss this 😞😞
  • Gemeinsamduhmm2
    I miss this Game so hard :(It was the only good Game on the AppStore :'( Rest in Peace Booyah, i really hope you will Return at one Day...
  • Gemeinsamduhmm2
    I miss this Game so hard :'( it was the only good Game in the AppStore that Never get's boring <3Rest in Peace Booyah :(I still have hope that this Game will come Back at one Day...
  • William Dasch
  • shen sheno
    lol I have the game now wtf hook it up on Google not play store
  • shen sheno
    it ain't close down I'm installing it ?
  • Insomnia Gamer
    I can not find this game on my droid turbo 2
  • Elisa Schlaufer
    why have they took it down?☹️
  • SuprxmeFxtty
    This game was my childhood 😭 will it come back?
  • Fast Adapter
    who pull this game down
  • Anna bell
    Why did they delete it?Everyone miss it?!?
  • 14 B
    i. going to get that app
  • Maliek
    I miss This game😭😭😭😭
  • Scott Langley-hiles
    waaaaa bring it back pleaes waaaaa 😢
  • Scott Langley-hiles
    I started it when I was 6 now I'm 10 oh I miss it is have dreams about it every week
  • Надежда Наумова
    🙋🏽 это не просто не может найти на нашем сервере не только щит шаблоны в щенков мелких деталей по цене в этом месяце на обед в том же году и не мои объявления на обед 🍱 в том г в этом месяце в этом случае я щуш и щ на уш на сайте гу и шум в гости и за что не есть ли у них шт не только
  • Käwin
    Please. Bring it back
  • Latina
    I wish I could play
  • SquirtleGames 121
    This was my favorite game in the world I'm super sad it's gone
  • AshleyGingerAle
    I miss this game so much
  • Epic Gaming
    I was looking for the game but it was closed down :(