TH 9 (Town Hall 9) Great Hybrid Base 2017 | Protect Dark Elixir & TH | Anti Giant/Valkyrie/Pekka

TH 9 (Town Hall 9) Great Hybrid Base 2017 | Protect Dark Elixir & TH | Anti Giant/Valkyrie/Pekka
Best TH9 Hybrid/Farming Base 2017 | i Jack Sparrow CoC
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  • Jeevan Krishna
    Super base dude.But you miss 1 elixir collector and 1 goldmine
  • anand dumee
    Wow awesome Nazi base
  • Jorge Fernandez
    Thanks bro ive been finding one but now i did thanks keep up your good work ill use this base and ill subscribe to you :)
  • Jmuruga 45
    awesome base jack
  • Anish Ghosh
    This is awsome base this is the best base in th9 in ground attack dosnt 3 star bul lavaloon clear this base
  • Romo
    Horrible base
  • Ashok Veer
    your layer bitch show us any air attack
  • Téo Gillé
    jack could you make a tutorail on how to 3star this base please ? ^^ PS: i love your vids 😃
  • Kaneki
    Jack can you make a TH9.5?? not TH9.75
  • anderson amenazzy
    La Mejor Aldea Para Mii
  • ankit rajput
    how to defet this base ples tell me
  • Manoj gupta
    what this base name plzzz say fast
    great base
    but i three starred it many times
  • 11StRoadBrembo 11
    what judul musik?
  • Beya Zenci
    good base
  • Winard Espina
    a great base for me ... got 10k mmr
  • abhijeet mane
    will dis base work in titans against laloons?...reply asap
  • Skull King
    Jack can you build a th 8 farming base
  • Harshit Bajpai
    Bro that awesome made me a fan of yours keep up the good work liked& subbed you bro
  • Subarna kunwar
    you are amazing!good luck!
  • Umit Unver
    Thanks mate
  • Dhananjay Goyal
    This is a great base for gold and crystal league! But in master or champion this base can be easily 3 stared!
  • Nathan Evan
    I've found this base while pushing through champions at least 7 times and didn't 2 star it once oops
  • King_Daniel SAVAGE
    Anyone copying tho base
  • # ķìňģ øf wäř
    wow its a very nice base i love you jack 😍😘
  • Sujan Gurung
    can it stands against lavaloon ? please show some lavaloon raided replay..
  • VELİ Avar
    best base ever ✌✌✌👌👌👌😍😍😍
  • Cory Reiger
    does this base hold up against laloon?
  • Ruban sibi
    cool base!
    thanks for the new base
  • Eduard Robert
    how is name of this song ?
  • naren hk
    Good base Mr. I JACK SPARROW...
  • Ibrahim Javed
    m dum meme me, even,
    if djusjsisudnrndjdjdjemedjfnrof
    kidney us using
    kissssssssssßsßskkrjdkdm kennels
  • Poseidon pm
    Can u make or link me th9.5 bases with only queen and other stuff just no xbows and great video too
  • damian smith
    great replays jack thats the proof and thanks for posting, well done cap'n!!!!!
  • Mateus Ribeiro
    BR aqui , gosto muito dos layouts !! tranks
  • cah deso
    what is the songs name
  • Muhammad Maaz
    what is the songs name
  • Alex Azazaza
    Huy? Ahahahhaa
  • B00000 Lame
    Farming pls dont wan hybrid i wan stay in gold 3 lul and the base i wish mainly protect gold
  • Jose Mebarak
  • Hentai King
    Jack with the new meta could you make a base for it th9 (:
  • BerserkHero
    not safe w/ Gi-a-GO (giant-arch-goblins).. I already hit the same kind of base like this one but i can't save the replays lol
  • Chienthang Tra
    what the fuck
  • Chienthang Tra
    good nice base
  • Ricardo Mokveld
    Does it also defend against a laloon attack or loonion?
  • budi saja
    germany base
  • Jackson Kruse
  • FireWizard Atanasovski
    Town hall 8 trophy base? BTW I love you're vids keep it up