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Zte Majesty Pro Root?

Hello, I'm wondering if there will ever be any interest in rooting this phone, I'm on the family mobile network (no service right now) if that matters. I can't seem to find much info on this phone or even threads on any forums, any info or insight would be appreciated.


#1 SmurfJuice, Jul 3, 2017
I want to root my phone now
#2 cjharr41, Aug 8, 2017
I've tried every root app to-date, and nothing has worked. I guess it's just too soon.
#3 jacksondog15, Dec 13, 2017
I just got two of these phones for free via a sweet Store Rewards Program and would really like to see them rooted.

I obviously can use them for most of my purposes without rooting but I would prefer for some more advanced things that I am able to root them.

I have tried King and Kingo Root but neither worked.
#4 ReddyPenguin, Jan 12, 2018