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Yahoo Mail app crashing & deleting Misc Files from device Storage

Hi, I'm new to the Forum. Hope I can get some answers...I'm 100% self-taught and thought I was pretty knowledgeable but these 2 issues are making my smartphone experience a real PAIN!
1.) Yahoo Mail app keeps crashing on me. It opens, but as soon as I try to read/open an e-mail it crashes.
* I have 20+ e-mails in my Outbox that have been there for about a week now & I can't get them to send (they're not visible on Yahoo Mail from my pc).
* I have no problems using Yahoo Mail from my pc.
* I've sent multiple crash reports to Yahoo about it (not that this helps at all, but I did it anyway).
* I have re-started my phone multiple times, to no avail.
* I keep the Trash and Spam folders empty at all times.
2.) Samsung Galaxy S5 Device Storage: I am running out of space in device memory, not because I have too many apps (3 GB) or music (none), games (none) movies (none) or videos (only a few which are in SD storage), but because I need to delete pictures (6 GB) and also because there is currently 5.75 GB of Miscellaneous Files in Device Storage.
* I currently have 830MB available in device memory.
* I'm slowly but surely deleting photos and moving many over to the SD card, but it's just time consuming.
* I clear the Cache on a daily basis.
QUESTION: Can I delete these Miscellaneous Files? Are there any risks associated with doing so? Where do these files come from? If I knew, I may be able to avoid/prevent them from accumulating so fast.


#1 sharonlmb, Nov 13, 2014
Hi sharonlmb and welcome to Android Forums. Could you please let us know what device you are having problems with? We will give you a link to that device's discussion area where you will receive the attention and support you deserve. Thanks.
#2 olbriar, Nov 13, 2014
Oh sorry...I guess I assumed that my profile info in the left hand column would suffice! I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5!
#3 sharonlmb, Nov 13, 2014
I apologize for not seeing that information sharonlmb. It is so seldom added to a new member's profile that I failed to look. Here is a link to your phone's discussion/support area: Samsung Galaxy S5 - Android Forums
#4 olbriar, Nov 13, 2014