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Wondershare MobileGo for Android Pro (Mac)- Device not connecting

I have problems getting my Galaxy S4 connecting to MobileGo on my MacBook Pro. I have noticed that other people with the same phone and computer have connection problems. Either the connection goes on forever or the program says "Oops! Your device is sleeping now..."

Has anyone found a way to fix this yet? Is there another program you can recommend similar to MobileGo?


#1 Matina85, Mar 24, 2014
Not in a single click, but there are numerous backup programs for apps. multimedia and SMS. You can use SMS Backup+ and App Backup and Restore to make the backups and something like Airdroid or Wifi File Transfer (they work with your web browser in any OS) to transfer the backups to the computer.

Or use cloud backup and transfer the backup in the cloud to your Mac.
#2 Rukbat, Mar 25, 2014
What about transferring music?
#3 Matina85, Mar 25, 2014
Could be a problem with the Mobile Go software and certain phones. I've never heard of this software. Might be worth contacting the developers, see what they have to say about it.

FYI AirDroid can transfer music as well. It's what I use with a Samsung phone and a Mac
#4 mikedt, Mar 25, 2014