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Root Wifi Regulatory Domain Change

It's not legal in America. US laws only allo 1-11.

But i'm sure you could find a wifi settings file you could edit somewhere in the root directories of your phone.
#2 Hashtag, Jul 22, 2012
What isn't legal nowadays, America is the regulation nation and puts limitations on everything, I say screw en
#3 wyliee, Jul 22, 2012
1-11 are legal 12 and 13 are allowed in low powered conditions channel 14 is forbidden in the US
#4 wyliee, Jul 22, 2012
Hey bobloadmire, if you go to the build.prop file in /system, there is a setting-like value for "wiring.channels". Check that out.
#5 Hashtag, Jul 23, 2012
As wyliee said you can use 12 and 13 but channel 14 is used by low orbiting satellites (LEO) for communication. See 47 CFR Part 25; IB Docket No. 07-253 : "SUMMARY: Currently, Globalstar, Inc. (Globalstar) operates a Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS) system in the 1610-1626.5 MHz band (Big LEO L-band) and the 2483.5-2500 MHz band (Big LEO S-band)" which is channel 14. Only Japan allowed 14 and is now trying to clear the band since it is used internationally by this service. Having said that, you'll be able to TX and RX OK but you'll jam the much weaker satellite signal, if anyone in range of you will be disrupted for up to a mile (since the satellite signal is much weaker).
#6 amobley0, Jul 23, 2012
Thanks man, just what I was looking for. If you check a wifi spectrum analyzer, channels 1-13 are ramjammed in my area, about 30 APs. Channel 14 doesn't have a single one, and channels 1-13 are causing massive lag in my BF3 gaming, but then the phones go down when I switch to that channel in DD-WRT. Thanks a ton.
#7 bobloadmire, Jul 23, 2012
Cool! So it hypothetically would work for you to use channel 14 on an OE? What would you set the value to? Is it something like "wifi.channel=14"?
#8 Hashtag, Jul 23, 2012
No, set the value to "JP" for channels 1-14, or "EU" to get only 1-13. The thing is channel 14 is completely seperate from channel 13, unlike 1-13 which over lap. Downside is since Channel 14 is seperate (Because it's only 20Mhz wide) it bumps you down to 11Mbps. But it's about latency not throughput for games. If i ping google on channels 1-13, in my congested area I get an average of about 50ms. On channel 14 it drops to an average of 18ms. And a lot less dropouts.
#9 bobloadmire, Jul 23, 2012
Just an update for anyone else who wants to do this. Get build.prop editor from the market and edit these:

#10 bobloadmire, Aug 14, 2012
I'm using the build.prop editor a la ROM ToolBox, which might be why this is, but while I have the Ro.product.locale.region, I do not have ro.wifi.channels, so I am unable to edit that last part. Any ideas as to why this is?
#11 Artine, Aug 15, 2012
Not sure, I have mine. You could just add it.
#12 bobloadmire, Aug 15, 2012
What exactly would I do to add it? I have a list of pre-defined properties to go through before actually giving the property a name and value - which therefore seems pointless (and redundant) if it's going to already be pre-defined.

EDIT: Nevermind! Turns out I had to get it to display all of the build.prop files, not just the one under /system

So for anyone who wants to do this, follow the above with editing the appropriate regions with a build.prop editor, but make sure that the build.prop editor is looking at all build.prop files available, not just in /system, and you'll be able to locate these regions to edit.
#13 Artine, Aug 15, 2012