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General Why does my music player keep stopping?

No matter whether I'm using Pandora or amp music player, when I try to do anything through my browser or internet related apps, it shuts off my music. It's really annoying. I'm a multitasker


#1 CrimsonToker, Aug 28, 2014
Sounds like you're running out of memory, although some others are having similar issues.
#2 bg4m3r, Aug 28, 2014
Well my month old phone has been having weird issues otherwise as well, so maybe it is a battery issue... it's been glitching out for a week or two, so I might be getting an insurance replacement tomorrow..
#3 CrimsonToker, Aug 28, 2014
The 1gb ram in the volt is very tight for KitKat and you can't multitask well in it. Chrome takes a lot of memory in use causing android to close anything in the background. This is the number 1 complaint from volt owners.
#4 jeffmd, Aug 30, 2014
Is there any way to adjust that? Maybe through use of root?
#5 CrimsonToker, Aug 30, 2014
Not really, if you stop android from freeing memory the foreground app needs, then the foreground app is going to shutdown with an out of memory error.
#6 jeffmd, Aug 30, 2014
Yes there is a way. Debloat the shit out of this phone. Get rid of everything Virgin Mobile. EVRYTHING! The VM Zone thing is everywhere, it has folder called i'min or iton or some shit like that. Fist it. Then the LG stuff. Ohhh so much LG stuff. I like the Qremote and the Qslide so I kept that but the music player - gone, themes - gone, qualcomm location and lg location shite - gone, Google bs like magazines and games - gone. I usually have 200+ mb of RAM free now. Root, debloat, profit.
#7 trichome, Sep 1, 2014
Well I've got boost, not virgin, but im sure the same still applies. Yeah, after I figured out that I can't save or move anything to the sd card on kitkat, I decided that's what I need to do lol
#8 CrimsonToker, Sep 1, 2014
I'm debloated and also get around 200+ MB free but still can't keep a music and a GPS app open together. Yet any other phone before this one with a gig of RAM worked fine while running both.
#9 donjuro, Sep 1, 2014
I've had this problem as well. Randomly stops the music altogether - even in idle! I've had no other complaints about the phone except for how easily the screen breaks.
#10 Zedordie, Sep 1, 2014
rad. you got a list of shiz safe to uninstall?
#11 jetfactor, Sep 3, 2014
This is my main complaint about the Volt. Lovely phone, but it apparently can't multitask... I had the Optimus V years ago, and I never had any random closing issues, and that phone is like, old lol.

I guess lets hope development on this phone kicks up and we get some custom roms and kernels soon and hopefully that'll fix the issues.
#12 itsnotadam, Sep 4, 2014
lg set this phone up so only 1 app can run at a time.... they say the music app is the only one that can run in the back ground but it still likes to close..... but this may be because I deleted the stock music app in favor of rocket player because it does so much
#13 MCF3778, Sep 4, 2014
Aha I have rocket player as well! Better than the stock players.
#14 Zedordie, Sep 4, 2014
I use spotify and it constantly starts to close on me whenever I begin to multi-task.
#15 itsnotadam, Sep 5, 2014
the constant close I hate very much. I loved all the features of the phone at first, and bought it early after release with at the time many good reviews. now I pretty much hate this underpowered p.o.s., should of realized that adding two cores but keeping the processor speed the same isn't gonna do anything.

Two music apps that i've found do stay alive better the most are slacker radio, and double twist's music player
#16 np6s4x, Sep 6, 2014
It does help improve efficiency. But I think LG purposefully kept this phone from multitasking, since I have used phones that had a 1.4 GHz single core processor and have multitasked decently.
#17 Zedordie, Sep 6, 2014
Must be a bloat issue. I have reflashed the stock lg ROM using the lg flash tool and I am posting this through the chrome browser while listening to Pandora with no issues at all. I have developer mode enabled and have the option to have apps force close when exited. Your apps may be open still running after you have exited them.
#18 chucksaysblah, Sep 6, 2014

This is completely untrue as I consistasntly multitask.

I have tested this too and pandora runs fine while running gps so does google play music.....

As i said I have flashed the stock lg rom for this phone via the lg flash tool and i use nova launcher and google keyboard . As well as the force close apps on exit in the developer option in settings
#19 chucksaysblah, Sep 6, 2014

it maybe untrue but the tech support directly from LG stated this, and the person I was talking to was not from india... lol
#20 MCF3778, Sep 7, 2014
interesting, does this stock rom not have all the useless virgin apps? and does it require anything special like root?
#21 np6s4x, Sep 7, 2014
Has no carrier bloat, does not require root
#22 Gendo420, Sep 7, 2014
here is the link on how to reflash your phone with the stock rom..

#23 chucksaysblah, Sep 7, 2014
I think I've found that the problem is too much memory use. Do you have a lot of apps installed?
#24 donjuro, Sep 11, 2014
Donj, one and the other have no relation. Yes, you could say it is to much memory use. The browser you are running in the foreground is using up to much memory for the OS to keep the music player in the background.

Installed apps take no RAM.
#25 jeffmd, Sep 11, 2014