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Who introduced the first phone with an accelerometer ?

Who introduced the first phone with a gyroscope? for the gyroscope, I think it is Apple. what about the accelerometer


#1 silvercats, Apr 10, 2013
If you want to get technical, NASA was the first back in the 1960s. The Apollo 11 Lunar Module became a very expensive phone booth when Richard Nixon called Armstrong and Aldrin from the "Oval Room" at the White House. The Apollo inertial guidance system had a full compliment of 3-axis gyros and accelerometers. No "smart phone" can compare to that! Their little MEMS devices are pretty crude in comparison.

According to this article, the notmePhone may have been the first phone to be sold in the US, but not the first phone in the world by a long shot.

IMO the bulk of the credit is due to the manufacturers that developed and sold inexpensive MEMS, thus making their use in phones possible. This was clearly a case of a new technology creating fertile ground for new applications for the product. I strongly doubt that the phone makers themselves would have independently thought "this phone needs accelerometers!" Needless to say, the Nintendo Wii was the ground-breaking consumer product that did the most to promote MEMS technology to the public.
#2 Speed Daemon, Apr 10, 2013
what is the first phone that is relatively new. Like iphone,motorola ,samsung something etc.... in the modern world. I just want to know who copied from whom :p
#3 silvercats, Apr 10, 2013
^ Sounds like they all copied from Nintendo. :)
#4 9to5cynic, Apr 10, 2013
It's hard to say who had the first being in the US, since those firsts had no market here. But according to the article that I referenced:

"The Samsung SCH-S310, introduced in Asia in 2005, uses a three-axis accelerometer that allows a user to dial the phone by "writing" numbers in the air."

2005 is as close to "first" as you can get, when you consider that the MEMS chips needed to have that functionality went into large scale production around that time. Did another brand release one a few days or weeks before the Samsung phone? Possibly. Does it really matter?
#5 Speed Daemon, Apr 10, 2013
Not sure about phones but my HP Jornada Pocket PC could go to landscape/portrait mode, it was sorta a predecessor to tablets, ran Windows CE. i think it used a accelerometer to change orientation though. i had used it as a simple GPS for a long time (which required a huge bulky antenna to plug into its compactflash slot)
#6 nickdalzell, Apr 10, 2013
that's cool, but sounds incredibly inconvenient. :rolleyes:
#7 9to5cynic, Apr 10, 2013
i remember when Voice Dialing was the new thing. it was so cool. then the bluetooth headsets and their Moto RAZR mate. to this day i still cannot get over the feeling someone is talking to themselves when they use one of those uber tiny headsets. some people still carry an older RAZR flip.

Did the Apple Newton have any such feature? it came out in 1993 and i got one as a secondhand for $10 (pretty useless today unless you got the patience needed to make a wifi card work in it through a mod) in the early 2000s but i don't recall if that feature was there. thing went forever on a set of 4 AA batteries though.
#8 nickdalzell, Apr 10, 2013
Not to mention how it would look in public! :laugh: Maybe that's why it never made it to the US market, although I'd hate to try to dial 六八七五三〇九 in the air...
#9 Speed Daemon, Apr 10, 2013
how much longer before i can say 'Computer! Mute audio?'
#10 nickdalzell, Apr 10, 2013
You can say it right now.

If the computer doesn't comply, well...I guess you'll need to work harder to earn the computer's respect... :p
#11 Speed Daemon, Apr 10, 2013
tapping a microphone icon instead of saying an activation word like 'Computer!' into Google Voice Search isn't the same...plus it does not mute the TV. it will pull up a nice Google search though
#12 nickdalzell, Apr 10, 2013