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Where to save contacts: Phone, SIM, or Google Contacts?

Hi Everyone! :) I can't decided where is a good place to save my contacts.
Would Google contacts use too much 4g data if it's constantly syncing? I only have 200mb of data.

Any advantages/ disadvantages I should be aware of before deciding if I should save to SIM, Phone, or Google Contacts? Thanks! :)


#1 surkins, Nov 5, 2011
SIM would only let you save phone numbers. No pictures per contact, no email, no notes, not multiple number in one contact, no contact linking to facebook account, no sync. Basically using SIM is just a long list of cons.

Phone. Lets you save lots of stuff, and basically do everything except sync to Google/Gmail.

Google. Just like phone, but syncs to Google/Gmail.
#2 chanchan05, Nov 5, 2011
I save mine to google. This way you don't have to worry about backing up contacts or transferring them to your new phone. They will just sync whenever you get a new phone or reset your phone.
#3 mttfrog13, Nov 5, 2011
What phone are you using? If it's a HTC or Samsung device, you can save to the phone and sync to your PC.

While syncing to google is convenient, I found it annoying how it added your gmail "contacts" to the phone, even if they're not contacts you actually want on the phone.
#4 thedosbox, Nov 5, 2011
Thanks everyone! I think google contacts will be best for me :) This way I can access contacts anywhere, and if I need to change phones, it will still be readily accessible. :)

But wondering how much data plan google contacts will use on my phone?
#5 surkins, Nov 6, 2011