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Where are my photos ?

I have the LG G3 phone and the photos are a big problem. When snapping a photo or capturing off the screen, the photo is nowhere to be found. There is plenty of free disc space available for the photos. Worse yet, over 2 thirds of my photo albums are gone. A few photos remain, but the others are just grey square ghosts on the albums. The # of original photos in each album is even displayed. Where did all those photos go? I never deleted. Can they be retrieved or are they lost? And why are current photos taken by the camera, not displayed ?


#1 Mike Shulman, Dec 4, 2017
Does the Camera app store them on an SD Card.
Ghost thumbnails sounds like a corrupt card.
#2 tonymddn, Dec 4, 2017
No there is plenty of storage left in internal storage. When snapping a photo, it just appears nowhere. What could the problem be?
#3 Mike Shulman, Dec 7, 2017
As an experiment, I removed the memory card, and snapped a photo & the photo is nowhere to be found. Where did the photo go? I can no longer use this wonderful phone as a camera. Also, I cannot find a Menu? Where is it found? Thanks.
#4 Mike Shulman, Dec 7, 2017
#5 Mike Shulman, Dec 7, 2017
So are you saying the camera app is definitely set to save to device storage?

You took a photo with the card out, OK.
What do you mean a menu?

You are on Android 6.0 Marshmallow?

Do you still have the original LG Gallery app.

Have you opened (Google) Photos app to see if they are there?

Did you only use the LG File Explorer app?

Can you connect to a pc via usb cable?

From Android 6.0 you would need to pull down the notification shade on connection and change from Charging Mode to (for the moment) MTP mode.

Then see what are in the DCIM folders.

There may be a known issue or a fault with your device, but I couldn't find a direct reference to it.

Perhaps download another camera app such as Open Camera, and set it to save both to internal and then to SD Card storage and see what happens.

Hopefully someone here will have more direct information.
#6 tonymddn, Dec 7, 2017
#7 Mike Shulman, Dec 8, 2017
I will try some of your suggestions. Strange that when going to Photo Gallery, some photos remain in perfect condition yet others have completely disappeared & quite a few are corrupted; completely blurry. Yes, I still have the original Photo Gallery. I tried to include a copy of a corrupted photo. Thanks.
#8 Mike Shulman, Dec 8, 2017