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what the hell is this ! ?

hey guys - i have a samsung s8, totally original , not modded or rooted any way. Today i thought id update the phone , i went on the update software tab on the phone to se if there was any updates and then suddenly iget this message see picture..what is that all about ?..i dont have a sd card inserted either..any help please. phone is under warranty as well



#1 billy whizz, Dec 7, 2017
Take it back to your carrier.
Good luck convincing them you had nothing to do with it
#2 Dannydet, Dec 7, 2017
i didnt have anything to do with it, just checked to see if there was an update , this s8 has given me nothing but problems, been back to samsung for repair twice already..
#3 billy whizz, Dec 8, 2017
It's basically telling you it's been rooted
#4 Dannydet, Dec 8, 2017
Have you installed any apps from outside of Google Play or Amazon Appstore?
#5 mikedt, Dec 8, 2017
Did they flash any firmware onto your phone when they repaired it? Maybe there's a mismatch with your kernel, build number or baseband to your csc. Worth checking in settings, about phone, software settings. You can also check if anything unofficial has been flashed onto your phone by booting into recovery mode.
#6 Shotgun84, Dec 8, 2017
To find your csc dial *#1234# and your csc is the first three letters after G950F. The ota updates use the csc to determine your update so I'd assume this needs to match the rest of the firmware on the phone. It's been a long time since I did an ota update though so I could be wrong about that.
#7 Shotgun84, Dec 8, 2017
too be honest, i have not rooted this phone, i wouldnt know how was first repaired by samsung for a faulty sim tray that was broken inside the phone..a momth or so later it wouldnt recongnise any sd card inserted so it was once again repaired by samsung under warranty. I dont know if they flashed any firmware or anything....but the sd card issue was fixed. Now im geting this...ill check above and post, ihavnt installed any apps from outside google play or amazon appstore..
#8 billy whizz, Dec 8, 2017
Sorry I meant to say you can check by booting into download mode. I wrote recovery by mistake. Sorry my bad.
#9 Shotgun84, Dec 8, 2017
ok i just spoke to samsung customer support..told that everything was legit with the phone and that it had never been rooted etc....i did tell him that the phone was unlocked with an unlock code , purchased from ebay..he then said that it was this that has caused this issue as its not an official unlock code form o2?..first time i heard this as i have had many unlock codes from ebay for many phones and never had any issue..he said this has caused the phone to be rooted in some way and when i went to check for an update for the phone it triggered the modified operating system and the warranty will be invalid...all this because if a unlock code ! .any truth in this ?
#10 billy whizz, Dec 9, 2017
That sounds like a load of bull feathers to me. Carrier unlocking is (or at least should be) independent of the factory firmware. Using an unlock code to move the phone to another carrier cannot possibly root the device in any way.

Let me just review for a second. You bought the phone through O2 under a contracts. You wanted to use it on a different carrier so you bought an unlock code from someone on eBay. You took the other carriers sim, put it in the phone and on initial boot were prompted for an unlock code? Sound right? You didn't need to install a special app or boot into recovery or anything? If that's the case, then unlocking it did NOT root it and the service center is blowing smoke up your skirt.

My best guess would be that whoever performed the repairs the first two times did something to trigger the notification. Are you sure they sent you back the same phone? Many times with a hardware problem they will swap yours for a refurb of the same model. If you still have the original box, make sure the serial numbers and IMEI numbers match.
#11 lunatic59, Dec 9, 2017
yes im sure they sent the same phone back, becaue there was a very faint mark on the phone when i sent it and it was still there when i got it im assuming its the same phone...need toc check the imei number on the box and the one in the phone, perhaps they changed the mptherboard..they didnt say, just recieved my phone back..
#12 billy whizz, Dec 10, 2017