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Root What the goose? Boost pays Your phone bill!

dude... i just woke up to a weird ass text message.... i dont really use my prevail for calls not that i got my sidekick 4g.. (sidekick is limited to mods) and well i only use my prevail to try out new roms and stuff.... so i didnt pay it march or april... all of a sudden a call comes in...its my sister... im like wtf.... howd u know to call me... and wait wtf... i didnt even pay my bill... so we chatted up... and i go into the text messages... turns out boost decided to hook me up this month! from june 4th to july 4th i get it free... i called in and im like dude... who the f payed my phone... like... aint nuffin free in todays economy and the rep was like sir you are a lucky guy... you have been hooked up by boost for being a valued customer... anyone else had this happen to them?


#1 riflez, Jun 7, 2012
I've seen a couple other people post the same thing here in the past. Boost does this from time to time when someone stops using their service. It's in hopes to get you to continue paying your bill when your free time is up.
#2 Roguefoxx, Jun 7, 2012
Same happened to me also. When my Sanyo Juno broke my service expired. When I went to go finally get my prevail I told the Guy I need to get a new phone and reactivate my account. The Guy says "your account is active and on" I was like uhhhhhh no its not.... a lady there said "sometimes boost pays your account if your a long time customer" they saved my shrinkage and I walked out only paying for the phone itself :)
#3 76ford90lx, Jun 8, 2012
Boost does that from time to time. There's a thread around here about it somewhere... Yes. I'm too lazy to look for it.

But in a nutshell. Since you paid Boost for a few months and let the phone sit they hooked you up with a free month for being a "valued customer" and perhaps in the hopes that you'd not leave Boost service.

I even hooked up one used phone to a line. Never intending to pay for it or use it. They told me that I'd have to pay a reactivation fee of $10 and I didn't care. I was never going to pay it. One day I turn the phone on and presto! The phone was on and active and I never even put a dime into that account... let alone the reactivation fee.

Fun times!
#4 kolosus, Jun 8, 2012
Ya know. I wasn't gonna say anything but I figure what the hell. If you decide to upgrade your phone, Boost will let you keep your $35 a month plan if you bitch and moan enough and threaten to cancel. I'm not going to elaborate on this any further but take it from someone who knows for a fact........ IT CAN AND IS BEING DONE. ;) Can you say..... CHA-CHING?:p
#5 wetbiker7, Jun 9, 2012
Kah-ching! XD there I said it! What do I get?
#6 Rarewolf, Jun 9, 2012
You get a LIKE and I get 5 extra dollars in my bank account every month. hahahahaha

Actually it's not $5 extra because i freakin' EARNED that $35 a month payment. Know what I mean. Freakin' idiots tried to tell me that I was getting better service for the extra money:thumbdown: and I literally told them they were fulla shit. The only people getting something extra are the ones w/ the Evo.:D

I wasn't gonna say anything about it but I decided to say screw it and let you guys know because if you're paying on time and not missing payments then you are literally earning that shrinkage. Why should they take it from us just because we decide to spend the money on one of their newer phones?? :thinking::eek:

They tried to tell me also that the new phones fall under a new plan and the service is better, the Android Monthly Unlimited Plan. I told them that I just had an Android on the Unlimited plan and all I did was switch my # to a new phone , nothing else and that I could tell absolutely no difference in my service. I wasn't getting 4g or anything so I asked them just what the hell I was paying and extra $5 a month for. This went on and on through several Reps and several phone calls. LOL. I also told them the truth and said that I would cancel both my Boost accounts w/ them if they were gonna do this to a loyal customer that has been w/ them for 3 yrs and never once missed a payment. The end result is I have the payment I earned. :D

Ok I said I wasn't gonna elaborate on this but the truth must be known and you guys should not let Boost take advantage of you when and if you decide to upgrade handsets. PERIOD!:D

Also, do not give up on it at first they say no. I didn't and I got mine back.

I hope this helps some of you. :cool:
#7 wetbiker7, Jun 9, 2012
I do not clearly remember how long you have to have your phone active for that to happen, but I believe it was around 3-6 months afterwards if you wait 60 days without paying your bill you're going to get a month free. Is only once per account thou.
#8 Dest1ny, Jun 9, 2012
i didnt wanna tell you this but...
you can also do this for phones.
you beg and cry and threaten that youll leave boost and you could get a new phone almost 50% off.
this is for if you loose your phone.
it works with shrinkage.
just beg plea cry and whine and threaten some more.
and youll eventually get them worried and concerned enough that they can get you a special.
just so they can keep you under their wing.
#9 Rarewolf, Jun 10, 2012
Same shit has happened 2 be on a few occasions. Itz pretty cool.
#10 Kcsuper, Jun 10, 2012
This happened to me, and I've been on boost since October.... strange. And like you I just chill with wifi for this
#11 creed10, Jun 10, 2012
I think All the Prepaid Companies do this kind of stuff.

I have had both Cricket and Virgin Mobile do this more than once each.

Three days ago Virgin Mobile gave me $20 of 3g and I dropped them over a year ago. It worked to!
#12 wyelkins, Jun 10, 2012
LOL, trust me when I say that there was no begging or crying in my phone conversations w/ them. I straight up told them I was gonna drop both lines that have never once missed a payment since activation and that Virgin Mobile had great service in my area, which is the truth. :p

I also told them that they were taking from me something that I had earned. Kinda pissed me off when they told me that I was paying for better service too when it was an outright lie. The only reason my service has gotten better is because I changed my prl. They also told me that the $35 plan didn't apply to Android devices... I said well what the hell was my Prevail then??

I was tenacious with them and it paid off. I don't know about everyone else but an extra $5 a month on a students budget adds up. 60 bux a year is 60 bux a year no matter how ya look at it. lmao :D:D:cool:

Look at it this way fellas. You can take some or all of that money and help support your DEVs too. I'm sure that they wouldn't mind a bit. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna go make a donation after I post this. If everyone gave $10 in appreciation for their work,you might be surprised what it would add up to. They deserve every penny of it. Peace ;)
#13 wetbiker7, Jun 11, 2012
Just please keep in mind that the people working in stores do not have control over this. Most of the billing/fund issues are not accessible to us.

Make sure you are calling 1-888-266-7848 for Boost customer service.


Support your devs! Wetbiker is right. If you donate, You'll be showing your appreciation for the hard work they put in!
#14 septembersrain, Jun 20, 2012

Absolutely! Don't go out and sweat the sales people at the Boost stores. They can help you w/ a lot of things but lowering your bill is not 1 of them. You'll be wasting their time and yours.

Good to see you around Septembersrain. The phone is running like a champ! Thanks again. :D
#15 wetbiker7, Jun 20, 2012