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Support What Misc. Files can I safely delete.

I have a LG Android pay as you go Smart phone.

The misc. file is taking up the majority of storage are any of these files listed safe to delete

System Data 1.95GB
LGmTalkSFDB 3.75MB
Kamcord 136KB
positial 92.00KB
Voice Recorder 52.00KB
data 32.00KB
UTSystemConfig 28.00KB
backups 24.00KB
HyprmxShared 16.00KB
Data Storage 16.00KB
.dwnld 12.00KB
.tmp 8.00KB

OR there are also APPS on here that I never use
in storage there are these options
Apps 693MB
apps 1.33gb
Pictures,videos 3.81
Audio (music, ringtones, podcasts, etc) 444 KB I never download music or listen to podcasts
Downloads 2.09MB
Misc 1.99 GB
I am trying to figure out how to make delete stuff to get more storage because for some reason my phone is loading really slow. I have one game installed on there and when I play it sometimes it just shuts down and goes to my home page. I am not tech savvy in the slightest so hopefully someone can give me some tips.


#1 Alphatango9er, Feb 1, 2016
It would help everyone if you could tell is what phone and OS. Also if you could tell us how much total storage you have. The more information you provide, the better.
#2 MLSS, Feb 1, 2016
I don't know what kind of phone other then an Android LG straight talk smartphone . Is there some way I can find out more then that?
Also under storage it says Total Space 3.71 GB and Available 3.67 GB. And what does OS mean?
#3 Alphatango9er, Feb 1, 2016
Go I to settings and look under "about phone" it will tell you what kind of lg phone you have and what android version (OS) you have.

I'm going to assume you are not rooted so you won't be able to delete any files that will screw up your phone.
#4 MLSS, Feb 1, 2016
ok nso under about phone it has Hardware info and under that it has model number LGL15G and under android version it has 4.32. as far as it not letting me delete anything thats not safe sometimes I will try to delete something like a music app i have never used and never will used but came with the phone and a message will come up with a message saying something like uninstalling a pre installed app may cause other apps to malfunction. Which doesnt really have to do with MISC. stuff but there are apps on here i will never use that would clear up a lot of space but they came with the phone. I dont know. lol
#5 Alphatango9er, Feb 1, 2016
System installed apps cannot be deleted. You can sometimes disable some of them but this should be done with caution. The only way to remove system apps is to root the device but again removing system apps should be done with caution. I've rooted every device I have had and I use titanium backup to freeze apps but rarely do I delete them. Gaining more space in the system partition isn't going to give you more usable space. The system partition is set in the partition table as the data partition. You don't much RAM and only 4gigs of built in storage.
#6 argedion, Feb 1, 2016
OK now a completely different issue. same phone. I keep not getting text messages. I literally sat next to someone had them send me a message went through fine on there end but did not get to my phone for an hour if at all. I keep getting this pop up that says google apps has stopped or something along those lines. it is locking up. should I reset to defaults and if I do will I lose my contact info. I rather it did not sync up with my email anymore so I do not care if it loses that info. OR better yet should I just buy the IPhone 6 straightalk phone because i want to be able to download at least a game or two and the phone i have now only has 4GB which is 95% used up with no games and the Iphone 6 or whatever it was has 8 GB
#7 Alphatango9er, Feb 11, 2016
A new phone with more storage may be a better fit for you.
#8 MLSS, Feb 11, 2016
If iPhone is the way you want to go then good luck and enjoy, but their are plenty of affordable phones you can buy unlocked very reasonable and use on straight talk
#9 MLSS, Feb 11, 2016
As far as your messages that could be network related as well. I have had some people send me messages and I not get them right away. A factory reset may help if you disabled something you shouldn't have but honestly there are much better devices out there at reasonable prices.
#10 argedion, Feb 11, 2016