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What is the correct way how to do a reset?

For a softbrick moto z2 force, I have tried multipule, volume up and power, volume down and power, volume both with power, power hold thirty second rule with charging, and mostly was without charging,b ecasue my cord will not reach nearby my comp so i can test it out though, anything I am missing though folks?


#1 Milo Willamson, Jan 13, 2018
Device intel - MOTXT 178901
#2 Milo Willamson, Jan 13, 2018
Usually holding the power button down will give you a menu. Did you see a menu doing that Milo Williamson? If you did, what where your options?
#3 dontpanicbobby, Jan 13, 2018
nope, nothing. I have been trying out every method known to man, by force of googling these past going on nine days, every moment i got free from that slavery occupation.
#5 Milo Willamson, Jan 14, 2018
nope, tried that method a few evenings ago.
#6 Milo Willamson, Jan 14, 2018
Are you attempting a soft reset to clear memory, or opened apps or a forced recovery reset/factory data reset
I think what you are wanting to do is a forced recovery reset/ factory data reset If so, shut your phone off.
Next hold in the volume down button, then press the power button to confirm the action. Usually the pressing of these buttons must be done simultaneously, but according to several sites I have followed up on, concerning your device,is it's not necessary.
Let go quickly of both buttons. You should be in factory data reset mode/wipe cache/partitions/logs
Now use the volume up or down to scroll to to your menu option. Use the power button as your selection button.
Sometimes, it just takes timing and a few tries to get there. I think that's pretty much any phone.
I hope this works for you.
#7 Steve Perez, Jan 14, 2018 Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
#8 Milo Willamson, Jan 14, 2018
Luckily there is a sale going on in's web site, the sales guy might do to that for a drop off price too :) Same phone too. (mental note do not download anything from a indie programer from google play..)
#9 Milo Willamson, Jan 14, 2018
nothing at all, been looking throughout the XDA for options, I camed close to coding an entire notepad ++, still needed the bootlander to move over and a few other things from the rootjunky's order. But i do not have time right now, so i will hit you up soon.
#10 Milo Willamson, Jan 14, 2018
If you want to do a recovery reset via recovery as @Steve Perez inquired, and the button method doesn't work, you could try using ADB if you are familiar with it.
Then again, if you are going to Verizon to exchange it, and the sales guy will do it, ADB might not be worth the hassle if you are not familiar with ADB ;)
#11 Mikestony, Jan 14, 2018

Been reading a lot of ADB funny thing though, I want to try my hands on it first :) Thanks man, i meant to say this morning, i woke up around 3:30 a.m., read about Android Data Base (think that is what it meant spell out) about it though, just wondering what is the excat time I should just wait until I tough and use the buttons again. Tried this morning, and held them for tweleve minutes, when i was posting the last post i did.
#12 Milo Willamson, Jan 14, 2018
But what excat time I was munching at?
#13 Milo Willamson, Jan 14, 2018
I must have misunderstood you. Didn't know you were talking about the time..
It's just that some phones can pretty go into the factory data reset menu quicker than others. It may take 30 seconds or if you have one like mine, it takes about 2 to 3 minutes.
That is why I didn't specify any time on how long you should hold the buttons. I simply said to hold the buttons in until the menu pops up and immediately release the buttons. I worked all night so I must not have caught on, as tired as I was.
I hope you were able to get it done. Have a blessed day.
#14 Steve Perez, Jan 14, 2018


Must kill humans, must exterminate, summon the supreme Dalek!!!!
#15 Milo Willamson, Jan 15, 2018

Almost got it rebooted off gizrom, but I was half asleep and must of download the wrong rom though :(
#16 Milo Willamson, Jan 15, 2018
ADB is actuallyan acronym for Android Debug Bridge.

If a site told you it was the Android Data Base, I'd suggest not using that site anymore for any information related to Android and android devices.
#17 johnlgalt, Jan 15, 2018

Oh thank you, my mind is educated then. :) I tip my hat kind person.
#18 Milo Willamson, Jan 15, 2018