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General Weather App/Widget?

I just recently bought this phone, but the default clock/weather widgets in my menu do not load not work at all. Ive tried just about everything. I cleared the cache, uninstalled the apps and re-installed them, fixed my location services and still nothing. What can I do?


#1 Abraham Duran, Dec 20, 2014
Hmm, that is weird. The weather widget on mine works fine. Does it display anything at all when put on the home screen?
#2 LG Fanatic, Dec 20, 2014
Try doing a factory reset,I know its a lot of work.But it may fix your issue.
#3 AMOCO, Dec 20, 2014
Yes but it honestly didn't load the widget also it stops 9/10 of the way when I try and download an app.
#4 Abraham Duran, Dec 21, 2014
I've done that countless times.
#5 Abraham Duran, Dec 21, 2014
Okay, so you're saying even the stock weather widget doesn't work correctly? Also, you're having trouble downloading apps from the Google Playstore store too?
#6 LG Fanatic, Dec 21, 2014
Yes. Its a whole wreck. I dont even get notifications nor does my phone receive incoming text messages. I mean I can send but I can't receive.
#7 Abraham Duran, Dec 21, 2014
Wow. That sound your phone is having a lot issues. If you've done a factory reset all ready or a few times, then you might have a defective device. How long have you had the phone? Maybe you can exchange it for another one?
#8 LG Fanatic, Dec 21, 2014
This is my problem too, it was so much work I quit on this phone even did 5 factory resets but nothing
#9 Zeroastros, Dec 30, 2014