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Unable to log into Instagram

Hi all, I've just got a note 8 and have a fresh install of instagram but whenever I log in it redirects to a blank page and never loads.

I've tired deleting cache and reinstalling. Also after I try and log in on the note 8 and then log in on my PC I get the 'possible malicious login attempt' page.

Not sure if there's anything else I can do other than wait for an Instagram update and hope it gets fixed?



#1 avalize, Jan 12, 2018

I had that problem in the past, have you tried linking it up with your facebook profile? That way you have no troubles logging in .
#2 Milo Willamson, Jan 12, 2018
finally got it working after trying for a week.

when I logged in on PC, Instagram gave me the option to say that it was me logging in from a new device, which it failed to do for the other 4 times I attempted.
#3 avalize, Jan 12, 2018
Well that as well, i did logged into this hunk of machinery and attempt to contact one of my friends too, but I do not trust myself with ig...
#4 Milo Willamson, Jan 12, 2018