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Switched from iPhone to android and now my photos are all in the transfer date

So I switched from iPhone to a Samsung galaxy s8 and used the smarts witch to transfer over my data. Everything worked well except for my photos. Most went in the gallery under the correct date but many are put under the date I transferred them, December 5. Also, many of my photos and videos are in the my files app under "iPhone" for some reason. Finally, when I go into Google photos on my iPhone everything is perfect and in the correct order but When I go on it on my s8 there is that same problem where a lot of the photos have the transfer date. This is a big deal because I have thousands of photos and thousands of them are on the transfer date so I can't find anything and I have to scroll through thousands. How can I fix this whole mess? Please please help


#1 Iang12, Dec 14, 2017
Hi. The photos displaying the date of transfer seems to be how smart switch works.
If you have access to a pc maybe transferring them over using that might keep them in the correct order. You should be able to move the files in the iphone folder to another folder on your internal or external sd using the my files app that's inside the Samsung folder in your app draw.
#2 Shotgun84, Dec 16, 2017
You might also try syncing the iPhone to Google photos using the same Google account for your new phone. They will then show up in Photos on your S8.
#3 lunatic59, Dec 19, 2017
How can I transfer them? Any particular program for the pc?
#4 Iang12, Jan 12, 2018
You shouldn't need any program except what's already on your pc. Plug your phone into your pc and then drag and drop between the two, like you were moving files between two folders on your pc.
#5 Shotgun84, Jan 12, 2018