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"Sprint Zone" App Driving Me NUTS!!!!

On both my Sprint HTC Hero and my wife's, we keep getting an error every time we boot up our phones that says "The application Sprint Zone (process com.sprint.dsa) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." We I try to go to All Apps and manually open Sprint Zone, the app starts to open but then I get the same error again.

I've searched high and low and cannot for the life of me figure out (a) what this app is, and (b) why does it keep stopping "unexpectedly". It appears I can delete the app from the Manage Applications screen if I want to, but I have no idea how important it is, if at all. Do I need it, and if not, will it affect anything else if I remove it?

We're both still running Firmware Version 1.5 (afraid to upgrade because of all the negative publicity I've read here) and the latest software version.

Can anybody help me out here? I'm about to pull my friggin' hair out!

Thanks in advance...


#1 Drew, Jul 20, 2010
I didn't know 1.5 had Sprint Zone?

You can delete it, it won't affect anything.
#2 Kelmar, Jul 20, 2010
Yep, it does...but it's apparently USELESS! ;) I don't recall ever using it, and we didn't know it existed until we started getting the "stopped unexpectedly" error in the past few days. Thanks! That sucker's outa' there!
#3 Drew, Jul 20, 2010
Anytime! :)

Wait until you decide to root... you'll get to remove all that useless stuff!! :p
#4 Kelmar, Jul 20, 2010
I had the same problem, deleted it and I haven't noticed any problems yet, from what I've googled it just appears to be a centralized app that you can use to check minutes used/left data used etc. etc.
#5 my menace, Jul 20, 2010
Where are you downloading it from?
#6 BOO5TED, Jul 21, 2010
#7 Kelmar, Jul 21, 2010
I'd just delete it, it's useless and is included in some 2.1 roms as well. It's not even an important app. It basically is one big centralized bookmark. It just sends you off to your web browser to different places such as sprints site to check minutes, bills, etc., or it shows you great apps that you can download (such as Oprah's app to stay informed on the latest Oprah crap, LoL!). It's kind of a hard-to-find app though in your system/app/ section, but once you delete it, u won't regret it :) Hope that helps any.
#8 Androidious, Jul 22, 2010
Where are you finding it?
#9 BOO5TED, Jul 22, 2010
It's included in the stock 2.1 update and in some Roms (like fresh).
#10 Kelmar, Jul 22, 2010
That's funny my 2.1 didn't have it. :thinking:

Where is it in the system?
#11 BOO5TED, Jul 22, 2010
you can remove it.........but if I were you...I would update to 2.1...
#12 DFRESH, Jul 22, 2010
Should be able to see it in your app drawer :thinking:

It's ok, you didn't want it anyways :p
#13 Kelmar, Jul 22, 2010
Didn't know about this one. It is in my drawer on 1.5. In manage applications I can uninstall it. Should I? I did get the same error message when I tried to open it. TC :thinking:
#14 tazcollins, Jul 22, 2010
I'm going to say go for it, delete away. It's used for sprint to recommend apps to you and for you to check your minutes and stuff.... Some people have reported that it drains their battery because it keeps searching for information.

IMO, you've never used it and you've had the hero at least 8 months... delete it! :)
#15 Kelmar, Jul 22, 2010
Thanks! It's gone. TC
#16 tazcollins, Jul 22, 2010
What is the file name to remove the Sprint Zone. I don't see one that looks right...
#17 TeamTJ, Jul 28, 2010
Go to Settings-Applications-Manage Applications. Find Sprint Zone and uninstall it. TC
#18 tazcollins, Jul 28, 2010

Or install and uninstaller from the market and use that with one click without having to go to the market to uninstall something
#19 DonB, Jul 28, 2010
Well that was deceptively easy.

I was thinking I'd have to rm the .apk like all the other Sprint apps.

#20 TeamTJ, Jul 28, 2010
I'm glad I came across this thread, because I've been having the same annoying problem for the past few weeks. I attributed it to my low disc space, but after having freed up 30 mb worth of RAM, I realized that there must be another problem. I am running 1.5 on the Hero FYI, and the stupid Sprint Zone FC only began sometime in July of 2010. I understand the solution regarding its removal, but what gives regarding the Force Close? Did Sprint update the firmware, and is that bugging it out?
#21 The Dark Knight, Aug 12, 2010