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Support Skype won't sign in!

I can't get Skype Mobile on Verizon to sign in (Version I keep getting, "Couldn't connect to Skype." Is any one else having this issue?


#1 Yosef, Dec 25, 2010
Skype has been having global issues the past few days. They may not be fully recovered from it. I don't know the details of the issues though, so if you're able to login from a PC, I won't speculate was to why that may be.
#2 anguish, Dec 25, 2010
Yosef, I have the exact same problem after I upgraded Skype to version 1.5 on a Droid 2 Global (Verizon network)

Did you find any solutions to the problem ? (other than downgrading to 1.0)

Verizon says they cannot help


#3 pierre123, Jan 14, 2011
I asked Skype about it and they sent me instructions that said:

Make sure you have the latest firmware on your phone. See Verizon.

Uninstall Skype (Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>find Skype Mobile and uninstall.

Download the latest Skype Mobile from the Verizon website page Skype Mobile Phone | Skype Cell Phone | Skype Calling

(Umm it looks like the Forum insists on parsing that so here's what the URL is, slightly munged) http : // phones . verizonwireless . com / skypemobile

I have NOT done any of this yet and I'm debating bothering with it.
#4 Lare, Jan 14, 2011