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Set up different notification sounds

It seems to be impossible to set up different notifications sounds for different apps.
Please tell me how to determine the notification sound for e.g. YouTube, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram etc.. Thanks in advance. Peter


#1 PR.2000, Jun 17, 2017
The ability to change notification sounds depends on the app itself. Open the app in question and tap on the 3 vertical dots and go to settings for that specific App. Check-in settings if the notification sound can be changed. For example you can change the notification sound for WhatsApp, messages etc.
#2 Snakeyeskm, Jun 17, 2017
Thanks for your reply. So my conclusion to change the notification sound for some apps is right. It is a pity.
#3 PR.2000, Jun 17, 2017
I'm having the same problem. There are only three unique notification sounds I can set up on the Samsung Galaxy 8+ . . . Messsages, Calender and Default (which gets applied to all others). All the forums say look in each individual App and click on the settings and then choose the sound you want for that App there. But none of the apps have an option to define the Notification sound, only an on/off button to confirm if you want a notification sound. Why is it not possible to set up unique sounds for each App?
#4 David Wertz, Jan 13, 2018
Cause Google merged Notifications and Ringtones. WTF Google...
#5 dontpanicbobby, Jan 13, 2018