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SD card Partition problem

Hello, I have a 32gb SD card used on my android phone but the card has got fewer memory than before (32gb to 2gb or something like that...
I done the partition method on my PC and in my phone but, here is the problem, the maximum partition size or something like that is 5gb
I don't know how to repair my SD card,
Please help me!!!


#1 razvanandreytimofte, Jan 12, 2018
You know for sure that this is a 32GB card, i.e. you have previously managed to store > 16 GB of data on it without corruption? I have to ask because there are a lot of "fake" cards out there: cheap, low-capacity cards modified to report themselves as higher capacity and then sold as a bigger card than they really are.

If you are sure it is what it should then can you tell us exactly how you have partitioned it (e.g. what utilities you used, what partitions you created)?
#2 Hadron, Jan 12, 2018
Are you trying to partition it for App2SD or something, i.e. so you can install apps on the SD with a rooted phone? What tool did you use to do the "partition method" on your PC? Because usually a micro-SD has to be FAT32, as a single partition for Android, which would be the whole micro-SD capacity.
#3 mikedt, Jan 12, 2018
I think what the op meant is suddenly after his sd card was a 32gbs then it came back with 2gbs due to a gone wrong partition..my friend..all you have to do is delete the partitions you did through the same method you used before..

What you did is you scaled the wrong amounts while partition it..that happens..not damages done to the card..after you delete the partitions you can repartition the sd card again..

Let us know.
#4 Xavier Black, Jan 12, 2018
Well... Look was it is happening when I want to make the partition method...
See... Maximum is 5.7gb
#5 razvanandreytimofte, Jan 13, 2018
No it is not a fake SD card...
That is my card... I test it and it is not!
#6 razvanandreytimofte, Jan 13, 2018
Yes, I have App2sd on my rooted phone
And I used Easeus or something like that and diskpart on CMD
#7 razvanandreytimofte, Jan 13, 2018
Put the micro SD into a PC and format the thing as fat32.
Then stick it in the phone
#8 Dannydet, Jan 13, 2018
I can't format it!
#9 razvanandreytimofte, Jan 13, 2018
At computer management appears as RAW
#10 razvanandreytimofte, Jan 13, 2018
Check this link above
#11 Dannydet, Jan 13, 2018