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Root S3--Factory reset with Marshmallow RR rom

One of my mates has knackered his phone. I was going to offer to lend him one of my S3's.
It has Resurrection Remix rom on it- Marshmallow 6.0.1.
What would happen if I tried to do a factory rest with RR rom on phone- would it screw it up, or just reset to RR where I had to set it up again with wifi, and google accounts etc?
If it will naff up phone, he will have to get his own replacement. :oops:o_O


#1 gregg1100, Nov 20, 2016
Don't try using the factory reset option in settings.
Boot into your custom recovery and wipe from there. In TWRP, the default Wipe is factory reset.

It will wipe all user data but RR rom will still be there like a fresh install.
#2 Jfalls63, Nov 21, 2016
Thanks JF. I did actually tap on factory reset- it brought up the TWRP window, and just went on from there. As you said RR was there waiting for me, lol.
I have just put CM 14 on the other S3- just for curio sake. I know it is not finished, but it went on, albeit with 2 red "command unknown" lines. Playstore is not working, so will try again when a full rom appears. Wifi disappears sometimes too. At least I know it will go on. Sammycrap bloat made them finish up on 4.3.
#3 gregg1100, Nov 21, 2016