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[ROM] Windows®10 Mobile v10.0.1.3 For jfltetmo Updated: 01/18/18

Welcome to Windows®10 Mobile

This new OS is a Unofficial Build and is currently in its beta stages, each build is fully tested before a new build/update is released.

This is a whole new step for your business or personal needs.


* Microsoft Edge Ready: Browse the Web with Microsoft Edge BETA and surf in total secured enviorment

* Xbox Live Enabled: View & Manage your Xbox One or Xbox 360 across Wi-Fi and control your console from another room or around the world

* Microsoft Outlook Enabled: Check your MSN,Outlook or Live email on the go using your Microsoft Account

* Microsoft Launcher Enabled: View your live feeds from Bing or from your personal feeds

* Easy To Setup: No Knowledge required to use the OS

* Google Account Enabled: Access your google account with ease and access the Google Play Store with no issues



* Xbox 360 Glass Seems to keep crashing upon launch and didn't notice until I tried it out


#1 Cyberdev, Jan 13, 2018 Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
So what is the scoop? There is no instructions or info in the op. Do you say this will flash to a S4 or is this the wrong forum?
#2 sonicbluemustang, Jan 14, 2018
Can this just be flashed from an SD using TWRP or CWM custom recovery on the S4.
#3 mikedt, Jan 14, 2018
Yes you can flash as a normal custom rom usijg either cwm or twrp
#4 Cyberdev, Jan 14, 2018
This w
as made for the s4, install as if you would with wny other rom
#5 Cyberdev, Jan 14, 2018
Holy Chit, I'm having trouble believing what I'm seeing.. Nice job!
#6 bcrichster, Jan 14, 2018
Thanks :)
#7 Cyberdev, Jan 14, 2018
Just to clarify. This is for the T-Mobile S4, correct?
#8 Bg260, Jan 14, 2018
#9 Cyberdev, Jan 14, 2018
Great job!
#10 Bg260, Jan 14, 2018
#11 Cyberdev, Jan 14, 2018