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I accidently deleted my OS in twrp and now whenever I try to ADB Sideload, as soon as I swipe my device disconnects from my PC and Idk what to do.


#1 cybaxdh, Jun 14, 2017
#2 cybaxdh, Jun 14, 2017
When you deleted your OS you also deleted the drivers from your phone, which means that you can't do MTP, filetransfering, between your phone and computer. Also the adb drivers may be gone. TWRP uses your system's USB drivers.

Take out your external SD card, use an adapter and put it in your PC download and put a ROM on your Ext. SD card. Put your SD back into your phone, flash the ROM. Reboot to your new system. :)
#3 SvanGlan, Dec 7, 2017