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Tips Replacing Samsung S5 cracked screen & lcd

Verizon is my carrier, I did not buy insurance. Haven't had my S5 for 2 months & I've cracked the screen and probably the LCD. Local replacement for screen? $240. Samsung asked about whether the display still worked, and I had to say I didn't think so. I was quoted $161 to replace the LCD. I asked about extra costs such as the screen, but was simply told $161 to replace the LCD, cash upfront.

Are Samsung repair shops ok? Should I expect that this will total what I was quoted ($161)? :thinking: Any other thoughts on mitigating costs? Not so confident about doing the repair myself.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or help with this.


#1 oldbookguy, Aug 6, 2014
Hope it's not as hard as replacing the iPhone screen...good luck op.
#2 Showstopper1969, Aug 6, 2014
I know not of what you speak, but it sounds like I hope not too. obg
#3 oldbookguy, Aug 6, 2014
Is the $240 price that Verizon quoted for replacing the screen? If so, the Samsung price is a good deal -- and if it were mine, I would have them do it, instead of Verizon.

You should ask about Warranty impact before you get it done, but without insurance, I don't know that the warranty makes any difference.
#4 WAWood8, Aug 7, 2014
The $240 was from a local cell phone repair shop and I asked to repair a cracked screen. Samsung distinguished between screen and LCD and quoted $161 for the LCD. One of my questions is whether or not that included replacing the screen. I'd guess so as they'd have to open up the front and take off the screen to get to the LCD anyway. Perhaps I answered my own question.
#5 oldbookguy, Aug 7, 2014
Who made the phone?
#6 smith058, Aug 13, 2014
Sorry if this wasn't clear.

This is the Samsung S5. Just did a little background and found that Samsung does most of their own manufacturing for the S5. So...

Samsung made this phone, an S5.
#7 oldbookguy, Aug 13, 2014
So... wouldn't samsung do a good job at fixing the screen? $80 less? What's to think about? The only downside that I can see is that you gotta ship the phone off and it will be gone for like a week
#8 smith058, Aug 13, 2014
Thanks, I was hoping to get someone with some experience of the repair side of Samsung or similar organizations. Guide, so I appreciate your endorsement.

My question was in large part, can I trust the ethics. Once I've paid upfront and Samsung gets it, do I then get another price for a screen and an lcd, or some other combination that creates a bate and switch environment? Unfortunately I've experienced and seen some very unworthy behavior in the Telcom industry and conduct as much due diligence as I can.

Thanks again, I take your comment as a strong endorsement of Samsung, which is what I'm looking for.
#9 oldbookguy, Aug 13, 2014
in my personal experience with the s3 i used to own, it was $300 at local repair shop.. so instead i bought the actual lcd and screen replacement kit off ebay for like $150, watched some youtube videos and got it done all by myself :D

so in regards to your question of trusting samsung to repair for what they quoted you, it's believeable.. im not sure what the screen and lcd cost for the s5, but im sure they get it a lot cheaper than i did on ebay lol.. but i couldnt say for sure whether they are just telling you how much the part costs and not how much it will be to fix it lol buut if thats what it costs for the total replacement through samsung repair shop, i would def go that route ;)

just for a ball park range, i found this replacement kit for 160.00 White LCD Display Touch Screen Assembly Replacement for Samsung Galaxy S5 I9600 | eBay

also a place offers to repair them if you send it to them for like 200.00, so it sounds legit.. but again dont quote me on that haha
#10 LDrifta, Aug 13, 2014