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Print to a network printer?

I recently bought a Galaxy Tab S2. I love it, but I would really like to be able to print from it. My printer is an Oki laser. It is connected on my network. Is there any way to connect to a network printer? It doesn't have WiFi iron bluetooth.


#1 Linco, Mar 20, 2017
If Oki makes an Android printer driver app for your particular model of laser printer, then probably yes you can. But I think you'd need to check with Oki for that. One thing if the printer is too old, then they might not and it's computer only.

If the printer doesn't have wireless capability, I assume it's connected to your network via hardwired ethernet.
#2 mikedt, Mar 20, 2017
Yes, it is hard wired and no, there doesn'the seem to be an app for it. So, there is no way?
#3 Linco, Mar 20, 2017
Might be a way, but I don't know any exact methods myself, I've never done printing with Android devices. I do most of my serious office stuff with a Mac. :thumbsupdroid: But I know there are general printing apps available for Android on the Play Store, which should support a range of laser and inkjet printers. And presumably your Oki laser is possibly compatible things like HP Laserjet, or Postscript or something reasonably common. The tablet would have to be on the same network as the printer I think, even though one is wireless and other is wired.
#4 mikedt, Mar 20, 2017
Try: "Samsung Print Service Plugin". This app claims to be able to print to any brand of compatible wireless printer.
#5 funpig, Mar 20, 2017

should do it for you... as long as the printer is on the network you should be able to get it going... you might need a pc to act as the midleman if that doesn't work

Check to see if the printer is cloud enabled.. there's a list you can get to from the above link

Then install the android app, for printing from your device

and here's a good walkthrough...
#6 psionandy, Mar 20, 2017 Last edited: Mar 20, 2017