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Post Your Last Purchase

Okay I have been thinking about starting this thread for a while.
Now you can post anything that was your last purchase and you can post in the thread every time you purchase something.

Just purchased for the wife:



#1 AMOCO, Nov 5, 2015
The last thing I purchased was a trenta black unsweetened iced tea for my boss when I was coming back from Starbucks...no, I'm not sucking up, he's also a friend. :)
#2 rootabaga, Nov 5, 2015
My son is very hard to find a Christmas present for, he makes 3 times my highest peak salary, so if he wants something, he already has it.

But, he has a love for protection and all things military, and I found these. We both feel it is a terrible shame what happened to this great gentleman.... his funeral covered half the state of Texas, from Arlington Stadium to Austin, TX where he was lain to rest.

a T-Shirt and a hat with Chris Kyle's battle symbol on them. The proceeds go to support his foundation to help others.

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
#3 AZgl1500, Nov 5, 2015
Today I bought a cheap AM/FM receiver for my cabin. It also has BT and an A/B or AB switchable speaker outputs. For a cheapie.. I'm pleased.

#4 olbriar, Nov 5, 2015
Nice, but how about everyone post links to the products so we can see what they are and how much they cost.
#5 glc, Nov 5, 2015
I bought something very much like that for my wife as a Christmas present, she is old school.

Jensen SMPS-725 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with FM Radio


Kenwood Radio for Mardonna.jpg
#6 AZgl1500, Nov 5, 2015
Pre oredered Fallout couple days ago, should keep me entertained for a while
#7 SavageRobot, Nov 6, 2015
I believe this was my last non-food purchase:

Look how pretty!
#8 codesplice, Nov 6, 2015
Nice and you can include food or whatever.
#9 AMOCO, Nov 6, 2015
Well if we're including food, I recently enjoyed the aptly-named Happy Burger from the Little Diner.

#10 codesplice, Nov 6, 2015
My most recent purchase was several things. When ones hometown Major League Baseball team wins the World Series one is compelled to purchase some gear to commemorate said win. When ones hometown baseball team only wins said game once every 30 years, sometimes one can go over board. o_O (Note I purchased 2 of each shirt, one for my wife one for me, she does not wear ball caps so I only got one of them.)





Yea I plan on getting some other things too. :rolleyes:
#11 shalemail, Nov 6, 2015
These are good,mummmmm:
#12 AMOCO, Nov 6, 2015
25 feet of hi-grade HDMI cable so I can watch NetFlix on the big TV monitor screen from my Laptop.

I was trying to use the Google ChromeCast modules, which I have a thread running on already. They have promised to send me new ones....

but for now, I bought a HDMI cable, good for lots of things. Expensive booger though :(
#14 AZgl1500, Nov 7, 2015
I just bought this off ebay, should be here Tuesday or Wednesday :D

#15 Clementine_3, Nov 7, 2015
Humax HDR-2000T bought last week hdr-2000t.jpg
#16 LV426, Nov 7, 2015
Well, it's not tech, but here's my latest purchase:

I read where the Star Wars "Slave Leia" action figure from Return of the Jedi was going to be killed off by Disney/Lucasfilm as being "too sexist" and immediately snagged one on Amazon for $5.48 plus shipping. The day I got it, I checked Amazon again and the lowest price was $29.99. I plan to sell off most of my Star Wars collection in 2027, the 50th Anniversary of the first movie. TOTAL WIN! :D
#17 The_Chief, Nov 8, 2015
If you want to be technical...my last purchase was tostino's pizza rolls :D

But on a tech note: moto g 2015 edition!
#18 Prinny, Nov 8, 2015
Wings and mountain dew!

Almost bought an AK-47 yesterday.
#19 bjacks12, Nov 9, 2015
$22 worth of gasoline so I could get back home from the land of Misery... uh, Missouri.
#20 AZgl1500, Nov 9, 2015
#21 mikedt, Nov 9, 2015
I bought a new charger for my phone to keep at my work place.
#22 DropGut, Nov 9, 2015
Bottled toilet water?
#23 codesplice, Nov 9, 2015
Eau de toilette 花露水
#24 mikedt, Nov 9, 2015
Amazon Charger Purchase.PNG
iClever® 50 Watt 6-Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger (2.4A Max Per Port). Bought it yesterday. Hopefully it works as advertised. Amazon Prime is gonna be my downfall, lol.

#25 ella69, Nov 10, 2015
Actually, I do carve pits, just not the Chinese olive pits. I carve monkeys from peach pits. Pit Monkey Key-Guard 2.jpg
#663 PitCarver, Jun 20, 2016