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Portal ROM, Need help please.

trying to get the best performance and batter life out of the new portal ROM for my s2, I'm new to undervolting and overclocking so any tips would be great

thank you.

also I'm having problems running jkay deluxe settings on VK rom, I cant seem to change the toggles is this because its based on and not full supported?

thank you.


#1 MadGeorge88, Jul 5, 2012
There is no golden formula for undervolting. its very much particular to your kernel and individual hardware. only way is to suck it and see.
the only rule of thumb i can give you is perhaps to undervolt each step by 25mv then test. and i mean test, so give it a couple of hours. If all is well, perhaps try undervolting it by another 25 etc.

as for jkay toggles, AFAIK you get 18 toggles in the framework as standard, but you need the deluxe settings app to configure them
#2 Hawker, Jul 5, 2012
Cheers done that ill try it when I'm out and about for the day.

I have the deluxe settings but the toggles in vk ROM don't seem to change. so i switched to this one.
#3 MadGeorge88, Jul 5, 2012