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Pluto TV doesn't work properly on Android Box

Hi all,

I'm new to the world of Android TV (or OTT boxes). I installed the Pluto TV app but it behaves strangely. It won't show me a program guide or let me change channels. When it first loads there's a flash of a channel up/down button to the side but too quick for me to get to, and the remote is minimalist to the point of being nearly useless.

I've asked Pluto and they've suggested streaming from a browser (no go, it just redirects me to install the app). They also said not all boxes are compatible with the app, but I'm sure not interested in buying several to find which one is. Mine is an x96 Mini running Android 7.1, if that helps.

I would appreciate any help!

(Should also mention, I'm probably a mid level user--not a complete newb, I can follow most instructions if they're clear enough.)


#1 grrgoyl, Jan 13, 2018
Same thing happening here, on Oppo R9 Plus phone with VPN. So I guess there's some problem with their Android service that they need to fix.
#2 mikedt, Jan 13, 2018
Thanks for the quick reply. Well that's disheartening, but comforting knowing it's not just me. Very hard to research given how little known the app is.
#3 grrgoyl, Jan 14, 2018