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Nexus 5X bootloop!! please help


today my nexus 5x was working just fine but then the screen froze and it shut down. black screen. I opened the bootloader but when i try to enter recovery mode it just shows the google logo and then goes back to a black screen. ive done troubleshooting and research and im pretty sure it bootlooped. The trouble is, I got the phone off ebay brand new may of 2016. the ebay seller only offered a one year warranty and that has expired, and since i didn't get it from google no chance there. It was advertised as the lg h790 but it is actually the h791, international version however I live in the usa. on lg support they do not list the h791. my question is- what should i do? will lg offer a refund or repair for the h791 international model? or should i just give up? i cant afford a new phone at the moment. please help
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#1 theob, Jan 13, 2018
A common issue with the Nexus 5x I'm afraid. You said you have done some research on this matter, so I guess you have followed this guide:

A useful guide, but only if you have enabled or can at least get it to boot once to turn on the OEM unlock setting in the phone. Apart from this I'm not sure what can be done to assist.
#2 JAy3001, Jan 13, 2018
If you don't mind Rooting it, give Wug's a try.
#3 lion7718, Jan 14, 2018
ok ill look into that thank you guys for the help!
#4 theob, Jan 14, 2018