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Netgear WN2000RPT repeater - heads' up

Just a heads' up for those of you who were in on the previous discussions about this repeater.

My 3rd repeater was the one that finally worked for me. However, it stopped after a few months. Intermittent drops and eventual power-off were what I started seeing.

IF you're having problems with your repeater try the latest firmware update. I don't have the version number handy at the moment (I'm at the office) but this resolved the issues. I'll post a follow-up with my firmware version if anyone needs it.

I'd all but given up on it and was about to write it off as a true POS, swear off of Netgear and go back to SMC. But the latest firmware version *seems* to have done the trick.

Of course, it *was* working with some stability for months prior and I have no idea what would've caused it to stop. I'm a "set it and forget it" kinda guy (some of the time :D) so its failing was not of my doing.


#1 Mayhem, Apr 2, 2012
I just went to NetGear's site and they have a v1 and a v2 listed....which one do you have?

I'm also at work so I cannot verify if I have a v1 or a v2 right now....

v1 firmware link: WN2000RPT Firmware Version

v2 firmware link: WN2000RPTv2 Firmware Version
#2 johnlgalt, Apr 12, 2012