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monetize my android app??

My android app is ready to go and I know a little bit about monetizing, but I wanted to know some other ways to do so. Can I have some options from you all in terms of some companies that could help me to monetize my applications?


#1 Appdeveloper, Jul 26, 2011
Some suggestions that I can think of on the top of my head is make a free and paid version for your app. Have good support for it and email various Android bloggers to do reviews for your app. Announce and support your app on XDA and every Android type forums you can.
#2 Roze, Jul 26, 2011
(1) What roze said: have a free add supported version, *and* a paid, ad-free version. Add a few premium features to the paid version but keep the free version working and useful in its own right. Dont make the ads *too* intrustive. Work both ends of the market.

(2) Respond to your users. Enhance, streamline, update - but dont bloat.

(3) Dont use words like 'monetize'. It makes people want to throw up. :D
#3 daveybaby, Jul 27, 2011

I know this is an old thread, and you probably already have found different ways to monetize your app.

But if you are looking a new way to do so, I suggest you check out OfferDaddy.
I heard they have Android SDKs which integrates ads / offer walls to your apps so you (especially YOU :)) and your users gain money.

#4 Sarah Lewis, Jan 12, 2018