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Life Topic: Clearing the Confusion of Lust

Surprised I made another Mature Life Video? Yeah so am I :) This Mature Virgin Life Video had to be made as serious reoccurring life issues need to be addressed :mad:

Look at that soothing smile :) We will be victorious in Life. Negativity will lose. I respect Woman, I see them as Human Beings just like us Men :)

I want to clear the confusion of Lust. There is a whole lot of misconceptions about Lust. Having Consent will solve a lot of issues in life :)

There can be Lust for food, Lust for Bullying not just Lust for sex.


One Day are Life will turn around for the better :)

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I am getting so livid at all these sexual crimes going on in the world :mad: There needs to be frickin Consent in Life!!!
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I agree with you - you are not wrong at all there is a massive spiritual war going on but try to change the view of your mind into a strong and powerful and positive one that thinks and believes in a different way.

I am worried about you in a caring and loving way! :)

But what you need to do is calm your mind down... I seriously feel for you because I have been through some serious hell my self in life.

I want you to take a deep breathe okay?

What I want you to do right now is take a deep breathe and go for a calm peaceful walk around the park.

I am getting signals and vibrations that your mind is over loaded at the moment mixed with real pain about the harshness of life and yes you are not wrong at all but you need to focus in other ways.

If you feel people are out to get you like I used to then just sit in your bedroom and breathe in and out slowly and think about how God loves us all.

Think about how there are some extremely loving people out there that have literally sacrificed them selves to save someone's life.

I want you to remember how God loves each and every single one of us.

There is love out there real genuine no strings attached love.

I want to show you a photo of my brother's dog Hope.

She is an amazing dog that has an incredible story of survival and overcoming the pain of this sometimes very hectic world.

She was used as a pit fighting dog to kill other dogs.

But because she was too loving they cut her stomach open and left her on to die on the steps of the animal rescue front door... but she survived!

She is an example of overcoming her extreme difficulties and she is an inspiration indeed!

She is extremely loving and very strong.

I love her very much and there is 000 lust involved ;)

She is one of my best friends :)

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I write positive things in my journal such as what I am grateful for in my life :)

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That is a great start!

I should take note of that too and do it myself from time to time :)

I am grateful for m dad who is a loving man an is still around for me to love.

I I grateful for the friends I have around me that help me out when I am feeling down on android forums.
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I view Lust as Demons. Always have Consent in Life. Lust is not bad with consent.

I've been struggling with the demons of Lust in my Life. I've been really stressed in my life :(
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On a serious subject, Suicide Prevention Hotline. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem


Every day the devil(demons) attempt to ruin our Life. We will not allow the enemy to ruin our Life we will be victorious. Here is a lyric from song conflict I rewind "Wanting, Love Life" Good Chemistry with people is really positive :) I want to be a 23 year old Virgin. Nothing wrong with being a virgin in your 20s :)

I give shout out to youtuber EastCoast Creep in Mature Life Video 12

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Jim Florentine Robin Williams Ralph Smart Infinite Waters De Stress Underrated Music

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Shouldn't you have your own site for that? YouTube doesn't count.
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positivity crew :)

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My own website? Hmm I suppose I could create a website.

The song conflict influenced me in a positive way. I want to Love Life never kill Life. The Enemy wants to Kill Life. I am not Evil.
Nobody understands where I'm coming from because everybody has different perspectives in Life. I discuss about people's home life in Mature Life Video 4 abuse vs discipline. The system is not fair life is not fair :(
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I totally agree!

Yes life is not fair at all sometimes we all wish that just for once it could at least be a little bit easier or fairer but God decided to make everyone not equal.

I sometimes scream at the Heavens with such anger that God didn't make us all the same with the same talents and gifts and it is horrible indeed.

I am somewhat quite smart I would say (I don't think I am the be all and end all) but I seriously cannot understand why God didn't even bother about making life just a tiny little bit fairer and it sometimes effects my relationship with God.

I am trying hard though to talk to god and ask for his guidance but I find it challenging at times.

But sometimes I then realise that a lot of what people have suffered is from their own misdoing or they may feel too much of the victim of life... but still God can be a total dick

But yes I 110% agree that life is not fair.

It is actually to do with the current placements in Astrology - Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Pisces as well as Pluto in Capricorn that is causing some tremendous delusions and a disastrous over emotional effect on the world.

It is the current placement of many many spiritual elements (astrologically speaking) that are causing so much havoc and I wonder if we will survive to tell the tale.

I will warn you to stay away from coffee or any other stimulants during this time as it may give a "hyper" effect and will be even further amplified due to the current alignments and placements...

Neptune in Pisces is very scary that's for sure.
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Fresh Haircut Life :)

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Remarkable Human Being :)

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Well I know we're now in Year of the Rooster, and 16 Feb 2018 is Year of the Dog. And when the moon is in the seventh house. And Jupiter aligns with Mars. Then peace will guide the planets. And love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the age. Of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius, Aquarius, Aquarius
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I have to confess :( Relapse triggers are a real issue :( Like I said in mature life videos it will not be easy for me to avoid porn forever. Lately I have been so stressed in my life and I watched porn last night :( But now I finally deleted my porn website accounts so that's something I am proud of doing. At least I am proud of myself for erasing the porn on my storage devices and destroying the blu ray discs that contained straight porn and tranny porn.
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Everything else is Envy.
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It is a struggle to live in the moment thinking of Lust :(
We don't have time for negative bulls**t. Life is short. Positivity for the win :)
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So are you saying we should all be celibate?
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I think sex can be very healthy and get rid of a lot of stress and a great way to blow off some steam.

However in a way one should be careful to not let sex become ones "God" and control ones life.

That's when rapists and all kinds of other psychopaths become a serious problem.

Also it can be very distracting.

Let's say for example you have a dead line to fabricate and design an oxygen plant and you have been given a time frame of approximately half a year or 6 months.

And let's say you have some great investors that are intelligent enough to understand you need a certain amount of personnel to safely and ethically do the task for the scope of work in the correct given time frame.

Now if you were so busy thinking about sex you might be considered a liability or possibly would put the project in jeopardy if you had a key position such as maybe one of the chemical engineers and would be seriously called upon for your knowledge on moles and molecular mass but if you were too busy thinking about sex it could seriously effect your performance in the work place or be considered very dangerous depending on what you are doing.

Hopefully I don't sound rude or insulting here but basically what i am saying is is that there is a time and place for everything.

If you are thinking about sex so much it will seriously effect your ability to function properly - wether it be at University, work or even doing the laundry.

Everything in moderation :)

Except killing of course and a few other things... :D those are not allowed at all not even in the slightest... Unless it's self defence then I guess it's understandable
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The third eye spreading positivity

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December 13 marks 2 months since I have been spreading positivity on the internet. One of the reasons why I wanted to spread positivity on the internet was in the wake of the awful tragedy the las vegas mass shooting. I wanted to make the world a better place somehow by spreading positivity on the internet. Doing small things do really matter :)
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Caught up in Lust

I was a colorful kid growing up in this weird life. Life is Weird. Life is Super weird.

Has anyone heard of Vincennes University? How is the school?

living the Weird Life in Weird Life.

I feel like people forget I have Autism

living life every day with autism

I mentioned before I lusted girls in high school when I was 14 15 16 17 18 years old

ever since las vegas shooting the world will never be the same but I want to spread positivity in life.

filming my Private life in this weird life

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