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lg g pro on tmobile,can it work??

Does anyone have a LG G Pro on tmobile??do you get 4g or 4g lte??what are the apn settings??thank you for reading and answering. Oh and should i go with tmobile or metro pcs since they are running the same towers??metro is cheaper though,so what do you think??


#1 poseidon511, Aug 23, 2014
If it is an att version, that is unlocked , not blacklisted and you live in a T-Mobile LTE area... You will get LTE on the device, if you go the route of T-Mobile without credit check they will charge a security deposit, metro will be cheaper and equally as fast with equal as much coverage, the reason I am with T-Mobile over metro is convenience, and the ability to finance a device.

You can find the apns around here somewhere... I think need to correct mines in my droid ultra
#2 DirtyDee, Aug 23, 2014