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Hey all, just got the Lg Aristo from metro pcs/tmobile. Sports android 7.0 and a snapdragon 425 chipset, not a bad device at all. Anyways putting this here in case there is interest, iv tried non pc rooting methods to no avail. I have knowledge of adb and fastboot, Loki'd images with LGs, just came out on the 23rd hoping it becomes popular :) (battery life on nouget rocks) also its the only phone that sports N of any of the no contract carriers. Oh forgot to mention its free with a port in!!



#1 Odin89, Jan 28, 2017
Hey bro...I just picked up an Aristo as well, to replace my G4 I'm sending off to have the motherboard repaired. So far, I'm really liking the Aristo. Only complaint is that it has no fingerprint sensor like all the tech sites indicated it had. I hope root and TWRP come to our device.
#2 darksideofdamoon, Jan 29, 2017
True, the haptic power button in the back looks like a fingerprint scanner, it is not. But its a cool refreshing look at lg, volume rockers on the side and pwr button in the back! I hope to god we get root and twrp! The device scores a 34193 in antutu! Beats the galaxy s4 and is on par with the s5's at my store (I work for cricket) ;) loving this device, still havent charged the battery lol
#3 Odin89, Jan 29, 2017
hi ,does this device have fastboot and support bootloader unlock
#4 messi2050, Jan 29, 2017
If the bootloader can be unlocked send me your hangouts email i will be interesting in porting twrp for it and i will need a tester :)
#5 messi2050, Jan 29, 2017
I'll let you know!
#6 darksideofdamoon, Jan 30, 2017
On it now! I was hoping it would catch your attention Messi, thankyou sir. Will report back shortly
#7 Odin89, Jan 30, 2017
Tested, has a bootloader, and can be unlocked. Just unlocked mine :) I don't have a hangouts but creating one now. This is going to be awesome :)
#8 Odin89, Jan 30, 2017
Kool phone from lg. I hope root and twrp come out for this device. I like it..
#9 Drizzy79, Jan 31, 2017
Hey odin how did u get to that menu? Wut do I need on my pc for that? Kinda new here..
#10 Drizzy79, Jan 31, 2017
Yo odin wuz process to get there?
#11 Drizzy79, Jan 31, 2017
adb reboot bootloader should get you there... yea i'm working on twrp for it so stay tuned.
#12 messi2050, Jan 31, 2017
Kool messi ur da dude. I wuz following on zmax pro. But ended up giving it to da wife. So wut app do I need on my pc to get to the bootloader?
#13 Drizzy79, Jan 31, 2017
NM i got it. bootloader unlocked waiting for twrp..
#14 Drizzy79, Jan 31, 2017
so now that im unlocked wut else can i do with this device?
#15 Drizzy79, Jan 31, 2017
you can flash custom kernels & recoveries
#16 messi2050, Jan 31, 2017
Yea I know that part. But there isn't any at this time right?.. Kingroot doesn't work. Well I guess I'll juz sit n wait or do further research..
#17 Drizzy79, Jan 31, 2017
Yo messi how's it coming on the twrp recovery?
#18 Drizzy15, Feb 1, 2017 Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
yo I'm waiting for stock kernel/recovery to appear xD
#19 messi2050, Feb 1, 2017
#20 WNDRazoR, Feb 1, 2017
Let me know when an ota is pushed.
#21 messi2050, Feb 1, 2017
Sorry about that drizzy79, got held up in a couple of events :) So for those who are looking to unlock the bootloader for this device.

Enable oem unlocking and usb debugging in Developer options (after tapping android build in about phone settings)
Turn off phone
Hold volume - while plugging micro usb to computer
Type in cmd- fastboot oem unlock
Then- fastboot reboot or do a battery pull

Just a friendly reminder unlocking a bootloader factory resets a device so remember to LG Backup beforehand.
Also everyone be searching for the firmware/ stock rom/kdz and be checking for the update, as soon as we can get it to Messi we WILL have a working recovery. On Nouget theres an option under developer options to download and install the ota updates automatically, turn that sucker off if you want to stay manual.

Rooting methods tried
Towel root
One Click Root

No root yet. Steady awaiting the update or stock firmware. Thankyou Messi for working on our device !
#22 Odin89, Feb 1, 2017 Last edited: Feb 1, 2017
Things are getting interesting indeed...
#23 darksideofdamoon, Feb 2, 2017
What's the model # of this device? If somebody can find a kdz on the web or perhaps try the old IMEI trick to get the kdz (not sure if that still works or not), then the stock recovery/boot images can be extracted and used to build twrp.
#24 iowabowtech, Feb 2, 2017
Yay? Nay?

#25 Elrynon, Feb 2, 2017
Check the official thread
It should help you to get across all those problems
#115 messi2050, Feb 7, 2017