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Support Keyboard keeps disappearing!

Hi there,

I have the Moto G 4G and whilst using it, my keyboard keeps disappearing. I was using Swiftkey but thought I'd try to stop using it and see if it was that but it still keeps happening with the default google keyboard. This isn't just annoying or an inconvenience, it's infuriating.

The guy in the Orange shop said I needed to update my software, which I did, but it was still happening.

I saw a suggestion somewhere that it could be something to do with task manager apps or antivirus - I do have Clean Manager and Task Manager on there but it was happening before I had these apps.

I do need to make some space on the phone which I'll do this weekend but this is ridiculous. Any suggestions please?

It happens in all apps - messaging, facebook, browser (chrome), whatsapp.




#1 Ladyblue22018, Nov 6, 2014
Same thing is happening to my wife's Moto G, 2nd gen on KitKat 4.4.4. No task manager or antivirus installed. I found one post that suggested clearing the cache. We tried and it's working much better at least for now. The instructions are in a link on carlh's post at the following:
#2 PhillM, Dec 17, 2014
I'm having the exact same problem on my moto g 4g 4.4.4 and I have cleaned the cache in the keyboard app settings. Still does it and it's mostly on SnapChat
#3 Luke Salisbury, Apr 7, 2015
I have the keyboard disappearance problem and temporarily fixed it by going into Settings -> Apps -> (All Apps) -> Google Keyboard and clicking on "Uninstall Updates". But it keeps automatically updating the keyboard. So I did not get at the root of the problem.
#4 Fred G, Aug 9, 2016