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Support Jorte Calendar - "Other Calendar" (Holidays) NOT Showing??


Been using Jorte for a while on my EVO and just realized something and wanted to know if this is just how the app is or if there is something that can be done.

For those of you familiar with Google calendars, I have a few "My Calendars" and also have some "Other Calendars." My Calendars are ones I created and that I can edit. Other Calendars are those that I subscribe to and can view but CANNOT edit. For example, I created a calendar "Scott Bills" for my expenses. I also subscribe to "US Holidays" which I can view but cannot edit.

I just realized on Jorte that ONLY "My Calendars" are showing up. NONE of the "Other Calendars" show in Jorte. I can see the Other Calendars appear in the stock Calendar app on my phone and also in another calendar app called Business Calendar Beta by Netgenius but NOT in Jorte.

Is this just how Jorte is...only showing my own, personal EDITABLE calendars or is there a setting that will show my "Other Calendars" I have subscribed to?



#1 scudder, Nov 14, 2010
Bumping this up...still waiting for an answer. Is there any way for Jorte to show "Other Calendars" (e.g., Holidays, Sports, etc) available in Google calendar settings online? I can only see MY personal, editable calendars. Thanks!
#2 scudder, Nov 20, 2010
i had the same issue. was able to resolve by going to jorte's options and clicking 'national holidays'. not sure how to get other calendars like sports tho. HTH.
#3 mayno224, Mar 8, 2011
I don't use or know Jorte, but I have just recently found that one of my Google calendars doesn't show up. I have three Google calendars that I can edit, and only two show up on the phone. I went back into the web and recreated entries in the calendar that wouldn't show up on my EVO. After recreating them, they showed up, but since disappeared. Can read 'em fine via the web, but not on the phone. Strange.
#4 Grrman, Mar 8, 2011
Clicking that "National Holiday" setting and then whatever country's holidays lets you see, e.g., the US Holiday calendar but THAT IS IT. I STILL CANNOT see the other calendars that I have chosen other than the ones that I created and can edit.:thinking:
#5 scudder, Mar 9, 2011
try going into settings>manage applications>running applications, and clearing the cache and data. Then go back to your calendars and hit refresh. Seemed to work for me. All of my calendars visible now.
#6 Grrman, Mar 14, 2011
I've done that once before...and it wiped ALL my customizations and colors and everything. AS YOU KNOW, Jorte is NOT the easiest thing to navigate when trying to get to all the settings and colors :mad: So before I try your suggestion, I want to CONFIRM what you did and the result....

When you say "all my calendars are visible now" are you referring to the calendars that YOU created...the ones you can edit??? Or are you referring to the ones that are available on Google like "weather" and "Jewish Calendar" that you CANNOT edit but CAN add to your calendars??

I can already see all "my" EDITABLE calendars...but it is these other google "add-on" calendar...that you CANNOT edit but can see online...that I cannot view in Jorte.

Which type work for you?? I need the LATTER to work...

#7 scudder, Mar 21, 2011
Here is what I finally figured out today. I had similar problems with these calendars not syncing all the extra calendars that were on my Google calendar online. It turned out that I had to go to the original HTC calendar on the phone. Then Menu-Calendars make sure all of the calendars you want to sync are checked off. Then close up the app and bingo your other calendar apps should work fine. At least it did for me:rolleyes:
#8 garysolo, Mar 23, 2011
Thanks for all the replies but STILL not working for me. So that people who are trying to help aren't mistakenly, accidentally referring to the WRONG calendars "working" and showing up, here is a screenshot of a portion of my Google calendar online...

The "My Calendars" work and show up in the stock HTC Calendar AND Jorte but the "Other Calendars" I am pointing show up on the stock but DO NOT SHOW in Jorte!! :(:( I've tried refreshing and recache-ing every possible way:


So, for those of you trying to help are you SURE that your "Other Calendars" are the ones that are showing up in Jorte??
#9 scudder, Mar 29, 2011

I have the exact same problem on my Desire HD! My calendar will show on the phone but UK holidays from within Google 'Other calendars' does not display in Jorte.

Interestingly, the UK holiday dates appear in the native Desire HD calendar app but not Jorte.

However, if I add 'Contacts birthdays and events' as another Google 'Other calendar' these items do sync with Jorte.

As the holiday dates are static, my fix for now was to add UK holiday dates from within Jorte and in Google calendar, but this is far from ideal...
#10 blue-man, Mar 30, 2011
Did you go to Menu>Options>Select Calendar>Choose Calendar? or are you saying that you go to that menu and they don't even appear as choices?

My wife has two Google Calendars that are in my "Other" calendar area that she has shared with me and they both show up in the "Other" area online and in the menu I described above...
#11 pwsfinest, Mar 30, 2011
I have this problem. Google's U.S. Holidays calendar does appear in the Droid X's default calendar app, and it's set to be visible and synced in that app's settings. In Jorte's settngs there is only the option to choose my Google calendar account, nothing about individual calendars within that account.
#12 dschweisguth, Mar 31, 2011
The below is a correct description of what is happening for me and the various suggestions to correct it have not worked for me either. Strangely enough, a corrupted version of one of my 'other' calendars is showing up - that is a few appointments, but not all, appear. I cannot make heads or tails of why one appt shows up and another doesn't except that most, but not quite all, that are missing seem to be re-occurring. Is it possible that some bug in Froyo's handling of reoccurring appointments has occurred that is only affecting these 'other' calendars? I just upgraded to 2.2 (wish I hadn't for other reasons) and that is when the dropouts seem to have occurred. Seems a little far fetched but I am totally mystified and am giving up on being able to see holidays and my sister's calendar on my phone for the time being. I need to clarify that it is NOT just in Jorte that these calendars are missing. They are selected in the regular calendar but not showing up there either. This is not a Jorte problem near as I can tell.
#13 SharonBW, Apr 9, 2011

I had the same problem and solved it while reading this forum :)

go to jorte>menu>options>select calendar>choose calendar. Here you can mark on and off any calendar you like. It works for me on my htc desire with froyo :)

The language in my app is in Dutch, so maybe my translation is not 100% correct.
#14 Gousto01, Apr 18, 2011
First of all, THANK YOU for the post and welcome to the forums!! Your translation is great by the way!!:D

However, I have tried this suggestion on my own...and it appears that other people have had "success" with it...but this is not fixing my problem :( That method still does not show my "other" calendars as I've tried to explain previously. The "My Calendars" are seen in the settings and do show...but my "Other Calendars" do NOT. See the screenshot in my previous post...

So stlll unresolved...but thanks!
#15 scudder, Apr 18, 2011
Try choosing the other calendars in the Android Agenda widget too. I think Jorte syncs with this widget. I see my other calendars in my Jorte.

#16 tube517, Apr 18, 2011
Ummm....really not sure why anything would be controlled or affected by the Android Agenda widget (which I don't use)...?? The stock Google calendar on my EVO will control what is seen in my Jorte. If a calendar is shut "off" in my stock calendar, NO MATTER WHAT I cannot see it in Jorte nor can I choose to "turn it on" in Jorte. If a calendar is chosen in my stock Google, I can see it in my Jorte AND can shut it off in my Jorte. Well, that is, EXCEPT for my "Other Calendars":


Anyway, for fun :D I installed and tried the suggested widget and, unfortunately, as I thought, didn't do anything.
#17 scudder, Apr 19, 2011
I had the same problem, which is what drew me to this thread. Using the info here and poking around a bit, I think I've found a resolution to the problem.

It has to do with the stock android calendar.

Open the stock android calendar. Use the menu key and go to More | Calendars. Here you'll see your "my calendars" along with check boxes to display them or not in the stock calendar. Hit the menu key again, and select "add calendars". This will open up another list of the calendars in your "other calendars" list (minus the team calendars... more on that later). You can select these calendars to add them to the previous list of calendars available for display. Once there, you can select or unselect to show them in the stock calendar. Jorte just takes the calendars visible to the stock calendar and displays them in the Jorte app.

However, part of the problem is that Google will not allow team calendars added through their "browse interesting calendars" option to be synced to a mobile device. (Go figure) Here's the link to that info:

Add interesting calendars from Google Calendar - Google Calendar Help

(Expand the "sports" section and read the note in the box.)

BUT, if you "add a calendar by URL" from outside Google using the "add" link that appears just below the list of "other calendars", you can add a calendar (any calendar, team or otherwise) that you can sync with your device.

So, if you're having problems syncing team calendars, use this link to find your team, copy the URL of the calendar and paste it in as a new "other calendar" ("add by URL").

Welcome to iCalShare

Once you've added your team to the "other calendars" using this method, you can return to the passage above that describes how to make your "other calendars" visible, and you should be able to sync and display all your other calendars as you choose.

QED (I hope).
#18 leruth, May 3, 2011
I don't use the widget but I got there somehow and noticed it had a section called "Date sources" which were the different calendars available. Just throwing a suggestion out there to try.

#19 tube517, May 3, 2011
Go to Yahoo sports, find your team's calendar, click "add to calendar" a drop down will show "google calendar" and choose that. I imported my teams' schedule, no problem. Shows on my phone easily.
#20 tube517, May 3, 2011
Any other thoughts for the "Other Calendars"?? Seems that a suggestion above is working for the Sports Teams but this "Other calendar" issue is kinda REALLY frustrating me... :mad:
#21 scudder, Jun 3, 2011
Same problem here. The only work around I can see is to manually go into the calendar and select "add to my calendar" for each event from the feed calendar.

My feed is from tripit and the other option is to export each trip and import into my calendar rather than using the feed. This is slightly easier because multiple events can be imported in one go rather than adding each event individually.
#22 gigshot, Nov 4, 2011
I understand what you are suggesting and see how that works but JEEZ sooooo's like a choice of hell or just a couple degrees cooler than hell;-) I just can't take the time to do that....even for the static dates, let alone calendars where info might change month to month.

SO WISH this issue had a better fix and can't believe there are only a handful of us suffering in a way that the developer had chosen not to do anything about this...??
#23 scudder, Nov 7, 2011
I did the following in google calendar:

1 in calendar settings of the holiday calendar click the ical-link and download the ics-file to your computer
2 in the general calendar settings there is an option to import, click import and chose the ics-file you just dowloaded and tell it to import into your standard calendar
#24 joelhell, Feb 21, 2012
WOW!!! My original post over a YEAR OLD and, well, you did it!! :D:D Never thought of manipulating the Google side of the calendars...especially importing a Google-offered additional calendar INTO GOOGLE ITSELF but, yep, it worked!

Thanks so much....GREAT TIME to decide to put up your first post!! :D:D;)
#25 scudder, Feb 22, 2012