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Is it possible to download Google Maps to my SD card?

If anybody knows I'd really appreciate the answer.

In short I'm trying to turn my Desire into a Tom Tom, I need a solution where I don't have to rely on a data signal.




#1 badboybubby, Mar 1, 2011
Google Maps need a data connection, although v5 does cache data on the SD card but this isn't permanent. You'll need to buy a sat nav app if you want it
#2 EddyOS, Mar 1, 2011
Osmand is one alternative to Google Maps and you can download as many offline maps as your SD card can hold. Haven't used it as a satnav device but you might want to check it out.
#3 garryknight, Mar 1, 2011
I am using Mapdroyd. This uses world-wide off-line maps powered by OpenStreetMap and the quality of maps, though they vary, are usually quite detailed. You download whaterver you want. A tip though, download the Coastine map as well. Thay way, the countries know where to go!
#4 jenk1947, Mar 1, 2011
The current google maps caches map data, when you're on wifi it will download your surrounding area. Or if you use Maps and go to another city it will store the map data you're looking at.

I don't believe it is temporary, my maps cache is currently 38Mb, it doesn't clear itself, I have to do that manually.

I've used Google Navigator to drive from one side of the country to the other and had no problems at all, there were no dead spots, it seems to pull down data well ahead of where you currently are, it even alerts you to traffic problems further along your route.

I have a TomTom, but it doesn't get used anymore. Google navigator might not be as feature rich, but it will get you to your destination.
#5 partridge, Mar 2, 2011
It does cache maps but it doesn't allow navigation or address search unless connected via wifi or 3g.
#6 simon1, Mar 2, 2011
There are many dedicated Sat Nav apps for Android that store maps on the device. CoPilot gets my vote :)
#7 speedycolzalez, Mar 2, 2011
cheers all, I might have a look at CoPilot and the like
#8 badboybubby, Mar 2, 2011
Sure we can use another, and most likely a better satnav program. However if you simply plan the route at home via wifi then Maps should cache the data and stay offline as long as you don't deviate from the route.
#9 Usta, Mar 4, 2011
I believe there is a max size though. I've had some maps that were previously cached suddenly not be cached. Had to download them again. At one point I was over 90 MB, and it' s back down to the 30s now. I'm sure Google tried to make the caching feature "smart" so it won't keep maps forever if you aren't using that area frequently.

What app does?

For those who always know where they are going (or will want to go) hours in advance, sure that's find. This isn't really a solution to the problem.

There are paid apps that might help the OP. Co Pilot Live seems to be commonly recommended.
#10 amlothi, Mar 4, 2011
Realistically the paid apps offer the most flexibility.
Unfortunately, CoPilot is huge burden to Desire internal storage, which is already small. I think even after moving it to SD card, the app leaves some 20MB on internal storage.
Sygic is another alternative and has a low impact on internal storage (about 5MB).
#11 Usta, Mar 5, 2011
Maybe try a desire hd Rom and dwnload alp the maps onto the device that way :)
#12 HTC desired, Mar 6, 2011

Don't have co-pilot, so I didn't know that. Thanks. Certainly not worth buying then, IMO.

How is Sygic? Haven't heard of it. Price? Map quality? Does it do navigation? POI search?
#13 amlothi, Mar 6, 2011
I used to use TomTom in my previous WM phones, so Sygic Menu is kind of a copy of TomTom. It has all the modern features, like Sign Post, Lane Assist, POI import and proximity warnings. The maps are based on TeleAtlas set and are one of the best both in terms of detail and coverage.
There are two versions - Mobile Maps (this is for all devices) and Sygic Aura (for high-end phones with more bang).
Sygic is my primary SatNav software. The app is free, so you only pay for the maps.

More info on Sygic is here:Sygic, car navigation for iPhone, Android, Maemo, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux mobile devices
Link to Market:
#14 Usta, Mar 6, 2011
"Proper" satnav reviews here...
Android Sat Nav Apps
#15 spile, Mar 10, 2011