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I will start:

what where these adults thinking???



#1 dan330, Jan 26, 2016
I think they should do this in USA...
Thank you text.. when your donated blood is used.


it would make me feel good.. and want to do it again.
#2 dan330, Jan 26, 2016
Redbull air stunts..
got to see!!!


helps put the different speeds into perspective
#3 dan330, Jan 27, 2016
Here is an interesting one :D

#4 Stinky Stinky, Jan 27, 2016
I've been following this since the first speculation. I find it very interesting that there still is not any kind of realistic explanation.
#5 shalemail, Jan 27, 2016
Good thread idea, thanks!

Here's one I'm on board with:
American Medical Association votes to BAN prescription drug commercials
Here's the embedded video:
#6 rootabaga, Jan 28, 2016
I wasn't sure whether to put this in the Video Vault, but it's really interesting so I thought this might be a better fit.

As a gearhead from way back when, I'm intrigued by the ideas underlying the "Duke Engine," a fascinating axial design.


#7 rootabaga, Jan 28, 2016
Here's a time lapse film of the Aurora shot in Alaska with a Sony A7RII.

#8 whitehat, Jan 31, 2016
Mind blown. Every time I think about this I think too much, and with all these theories...I don't even know what I do think any more.
#9 SavageRobot, Feb 1, 2016
what if there is NO such thing as Type II or III Civilizations?
the Barrier is SPACE. we can NOT travel more than a few light years from the home planet.
the fastest we can move in space is we less than light speed.

tech can not be created to use all or most of the Star's power.
trying to will self-distruct the solar system it is in.

to communicate with others would be through sending un-manned ships... back and forth.
time between messages would be 10,000s of years.

sending communication via laser beam or directed radio waves would still be in 1000s of years... between messages.

every civilization out there.. is stranded on its own island of space.
1000s of earth like aliens in our galaxy.. all looking up and wondering...
no one has broken through the space barrier... and faster than light travel/communication
#10 dan330, Feb 1, 2016
Siri, Google now, and Cortana's grandchildren are going to end us - and it is our fault.

A fabulous insight into AI and why some super intelligent people are "quiet worried" for our generation and beyond:

#11 dynomot, Feb 1, 2016
I'm not sure this really qualifies as an article, or as interesting, but it is entertaining. And before you click it, you should know that while it is generally safe for work, it might be fairly characterized as "risque."


10 Reasons Why Wine is Better Than Your Boyfriend
#12 rootabaga, Feb 1, 2016
Paul Smith makes me ashamed I complain about so many "petty" things.

As you start the embedded video, be sure you wear both earbuds if you're not listening on computer speakers since most of the spoken audio is on the left channel.

#13 rootabaga, Feb 1, 2016
You don't need to "use all of sun's power" given that it produces ample power. We just need to harness it.

Lets speculate (it's fun) and suppose there are just ten thousand civilisations like our own in our Galaxy. Given the advances in our science in 500 years, and we are not yet a class I civilisation, isn't it reasonable to sumise one of those 10,000 civilisations is perhaps, say a thousand years more advanced than us? And given a thousand years ago we had not yet invented printing surely E=MC² has been "gotten around" some how by someone out there? We, I think, for good or bad are on the cusp of finding out for sure. I hope it doesn't lead to our destruction by design or accident.
#14 dynomot, Feb 1, 2016
yes.. in the last 100 yrs there has been an exponential explosion in tech and knowledge in all parts of science. I am very sure we are only seeing the tip of it all. in the next 1000 yr we will learn and find new and amazing things. Not sure how far we can go with science.

but there are limits to it... space and distance might be a hurdle that NO civilization can jump over.

I don't think we can travel faster than light... we might approach light speed..
even then it still not feasible for us to go out and find others
each race.. might be stuck in their corner of space.
#15 dan330, Feb 2, 2016

We might just approach Light Speed, if some unstable nations ever get hold of Nuclear weapons...
those MonoUnstable rulers won't even consider the "what if" of a return strike wiping out our whole globe.

The only saving grace to that event, is 99.9% of the population would not even realize the event had taken place, they would simply just not exist anymore.

those who witnessed the event, would suffer interminably like those in Japan back in WWII...
Too many civilians in that nation paid for the demagoguery of an Imperial Ruler.
#16 AZgl1500, Feb 2, 2016
that might be why no race has made it to type 1...

they self-destruct with tech and power...
EVERY time a race gets powerful enough..
and land and resources get stretched thin...
one gets more than another... and the other get jealous...
religious differences... greed.. mistrust...
what ever the reason.. the end results are always the same............

clock gets reset!
#17 dan330, Feb 2, 2016
Sometimes, karma acts instantaneously...and sometimes it can also leave a bad taste in one's mouth. ;)

Thieves Attempt to Siphon Gas From Bus Accidentally Suck Out Sewage
#18 rootabaga, Feb 2, 2016
that was a good read.. long.. but good

why cant they create that ASI in a closed environment.. with a master shut off switch??
not a diode switch.. but a real lever that can break a connection.

only use it for ideas and direction.. come up with solutions.. NOT be part of implementation..
don't let it out of the box.
#19 dan330, Feb 2, 2016
I had a couple of these, but a few I'd never heard of, including the "toy" stove that would actually reach 600•F!!

#21 rootabaga, Feb 3, 2016 Last edited: Feb 10, 2016
omg, I had not thought of those things in decades.... obviously...
but, being a farm boy, none of those were affordable in my home... if it cost more than 25 cents, "that's too much son".
#22 AZgl1500, Feb 3, 2016
Not listed were the wicked chemistry sets.:eek: I was too poor to have any of those fun toys. I had to make my own. There wasn't a respected boy of my era that couldn't whip together a deadly sling shot in five minutes. We didn't need Mattel or Wham-O to put an eye out. :D
#23 olbriar, Feb 3, 2016
Yep, just find a younger tree and cut off a nice little fork and find some surgical tubing, and Whamo! that kid o'er there yelled OW!!! :rolleyes:
#24 AZgl1500, Feb 3, 2016
I'm not certain surgical tubing was invented when I was a kid :eek:. Good ol inner tube was the go to material readily at hand.
#25 olbriar, Feb 3, 2016