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Support I can't see GIFS

I assume you're talking about animated GIFs on a website? Not all GIF images are animated. Or are you talking about GIF images elsewhere, like in the gallery?

Please elaborate, and provide a specific example/URL.
#2 sremick, Sep 10, 2010
Sorry I meant animated GIFS.
#3 LSUSUPERSTAR, Sep 10, 2010
Ok. You still still didn't answer my other questions though. As I asked before: GIFs in a web browser or in your gallery? If in the web browser, provide a URL. If in the gallery, please attach so we can see and try for ourselves.
#4 sremick, Sep 10, 2010
No matter where the animated GIF is located on the internet, it just shows up as a still picture. No movement.
#5 LSUSUPERSTAR, Sep 11, 2010
#6 LSUSUPERSTAR, Sep 13, 2010
they dont work in the native browser. they only work if you save them and view them through the gallery.
#7 CaCHooKa Man, Sep 13, 2010
Is there a better browser to use?
#8 LSUSUPERSTAR, Sep 14, 2010
I read that animated gifs will be supported on 2.2

EDIT: btw, Dolphin is the best browser I've used so far, but as I recall, it doesn't support animated gifs either.
#9 Smoghog, Sep 14, 2010