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How do I get rid of Adchoices, in Chrome (on my phone)?
I ask this here as I believe this is relevant to all users. not just my phone.
Google has barred some previous apps for this, as they violate their policy due to banning of advertising, but surely something must be done about this adchoices, it is malware on PCs, and highly annoying, more so on small screenm phones.
NOTE: I don't want to use an alternative browser, not do I want to have to use Adblock or similar that needs configured for every wifi connection ( a serious hassle).


#1 smurph1, Jan 8, 2015
I also have these AdChoice ad's which infected my browser Firefox. I updated everything possible, installed several Malware Removal programs and they did not find any of these AdChoice. After wasting a full day looking for an answer, I got this, which provides a detailed removal instruction and finally remove AdChoice ad. But, you situation is much different from main, as you receive these ads from your phone. So, don't know how to fix your problem.
#2 Crystalz, May 22, 2015
Settings, Apps, All, clear data on the browsers.
#3 EarlyMon, May 22, 2015
When I go to Settings, Apps, All.....all i see is a full list of apps, and no options????
#4 smurph1, May 22, 2015
Tap the browser you're getting the ads on and clear data there.
#5 DragonSlayer95, May 22, 2015
I had the same problem and ... BOOM! Figured this one out.
#6 Lee Macklin, Sep 21, 2015
Sorry doing this on my phone, ironically, is not very easy. Back to my response:
I had the same problem and ... BOOM! Figured this one out... this one is sneaky. I would think it had to be illegal to use someones data without permission and without a clear way to remove the access. At any rate, see the screen shot below.
I first installed StopBadApp and ran their scan. It checks for adware and viruses. If called out 10 adware warnings. The 10 adwares were each associated with an app. To remove the in-app ads,you gotta uninstall the apps. HOWEVER, there was one sneaky booger called system.process. It was NOT associated with an app! What made this more tricky is that the process ONLY shows active when its executing! So it only lasted fur the life of the ad. AND even more ... if you try to back it of the ad to see what the process name was in your active apps screen, it shuts down! Whoever wrote this is a bum lol!

Simply uninstall through this app (bottom of screen shot) and your good to go:

2015-09-21 16.28.41.png
#7 Lee Macklin, Sep 21, 2015
Thanks anyway, but this isn't really the answer for my question.
INFO: google doesn't allow official ad blocking apps, as it and most app developers get income from the ads within. But IMO adchoices specifically is a dose!
NOTE: 1. It might be safe. 2. It was only installed on 19th, might you know what app it came with?
#8 smurph1, Sep 22, 2015
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 which was not operating well. I installed Clean Master for cleaning up some space and deleted it after that. Then i got add choice messages on different apps and browsers. Anyone has the same thing after using Clean Master?
#9 zorro1966, Oct 1, 2015
Clean Master is from Cheetah Mobile, whose business model is based on mining your personal data and spam. So I'm sorry to say this would not surprise me at all.
#10 Hadron, Oct 1, 2015
I had that issue but I didn't associate it with Clean Master at the time. When I get to a PC browser I'll check the date cheatah mobile acquired Clean Master against the date my adchoises problems started.
#11 dontpanicbobby, Oct 1, 2015
Well I don't think it was Clean Master, It looks like Cheetah Mobile actually created that and I had no problems in the past, but here's an amazing coincidence; Cheater Mobile bought QuickPic on August 29,2015. I've had QuickPic installed since forever. On September 5th exactly 1 week after the acquisition I started getting the popups. My plan is just to stay away from Cheetah Mobile products. Better safe than sorry.
#12 dontpanicbobby, Oct 2, 2015
Go to settings. Select my device. There will be a tab for blocking ads or pop ups. Turn it off and a list will populate of the ads that are permitted. There will be an option to remove them. The first time I did this it removed most of them. I immediately repeated the list removal and removed a few more. Third time the procedure removed all but 2 of the list of 121 items. I then restarted the phone. The ad choices pop up was still there. But the next day they were gone. So follow the steps I used and in 24 hours or so they will disappear. Very important to restart the device as with computer ad/remove processes.
#13 Alonzo Hill, Oct 2, 2015