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How to boot to graphical VESA mode Android

Dear gents,

sorry slightly specific topic but I am also looking for suppert here desperately.

I have downloaded android image for X86 platfrom from this repo
My problem is I can not boot to graphical VESA mode. There is menu but I can not scroll to any keyboard buttons arrows etc. How to make selection VESA mode? many thanks, regards Andy


#1 Andy220, Dec 7, 2017
Tried pressing the "V" key for "VESA Mode"? The highlighted yellow letters do indicate the keyboard shortcuts in that boot menu.
#2 mikedt, Dec 7, 2017 Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
I got into grub edit mode and tried resolution 640 x 480.Thanks
#3 Andy220, Dec 8, 2017
640 x 480 resolution end up with dark screen.What is proper resolution settings?????

Here is some hint but it is saying about 320 x 480 pixel resolution.
#4 Andy220, Dec 8, 2017 Last edited: Dec 8, 2017