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Support How Do I remove Pre-Installed App's

There are a number of App's that came with the phone that are useless or whose only function is to pick my pocket.
I tried the usual drag and drop in the trashcan, but they have more lives than a vampire and keep coming back.
How do I get rid of this stuff ?? S Suggest is one particularly useless one.


Richard S


#1 w1ksz, Oct 4, 2012
you either have to root and install a ROM or you can only hide the app.
#2 GoldenDiamond, Oct 4, 2012
Settings>Manage applications.
#3 Szadzik, Oct 4, 2012
For most devices root is required to remove bloat
#4 Rxpert83, Oct 4, 2012
Not since ICS. Are you still on 2.3?
#5 Szadzik, Oct 4, 2012

first off when you try an app to the "trash can" your never deleting it, your only removing it from the page it was on

to uninstall an app clic your "all apps" icon not hit the menu key and click uninstall apps, any app with a circle and red line in it mean its an app that can be uninstalled click the circle and it will uninstall
#6 Heisenberg123, Oct 4, 2012
As others have said: you won't be able to completely uninstall the apps that came as part of the ROM - unless you are rooted.

However, you can disable them.

Settings > Application manager > All

Click the app you want to disable.
Click "Uninstall updates" (if present).
Click "Disable"

If you want to reenable the app again at any point it will be listed at the bottom of "Settings > Application manager > All" with Disabled next to it. Click it again, and then click "Enable".

#7 NoFaultFound, Oct 4, 2012
If I disable the pre-installed apps on my non-rooted phone, is it just as effective as removing them completely on a rooted phone in terms of preventing the apps from slowing down my phone and eating my battery?
#8 jamesino, Oct 4, 2012
Root ????

I am not familiar with this term. What is it ?
#9 w1ksz, Oct 4, 2012
Theres a whole root sub forum (Several infact depending on which version of the S3 you have) with terminology and explanations of what root is. You dont need it. Simply disabling them via application manager will completely freeze those apps you dont want running. It would be as if they didnt exist.
#10 SUroot, Oct 4, 2012
Superuser access. Much of the operating system is locked so that you can't break it.
#11 ylexot, Oct 4, 2012
That got it off the screen,

#12 w1ksz, Oct 4, 2012
I cannot find an ..."all apps"... ICON.
#13 w1ksz, Oct 4, 2012
It's at the bottom row of the screen on the extreme right corner. Labeled "apps"

#14 bpsanborn, Oct 4, 2012
In what context? On the home screen see Brian's post above. If you mean in applications manager, there are 3 tabs at the top. Downloaded, running and all. You swipe leftwards twice to get to "ALL"
#15 SUroot, Oct 4, 2012
Follow the directions in post #7 by NoFaultFound. The apps you don't want to see or use will never bother you again (until you enable them again) and you don't have to worry about rooting your phone to do this. It is the easiest method and most effective for new Android users.
#16 Covart, Oct 4, 2012
Bottom right corner in this image.

#17 Covart, Oct 4, 2012
Oh, that ..."all apps"... Icon !!


#18 w1ksz, Oct 5, 2012
You can remove them from the home screens, though they are still installed.

Press the apps button, then the menu button and select "hide applications"
#19 pauleden, Oct 8, 2012
Thanks for the help in finding the "All Apps" column in application manager. I have now managed to change the language on S Suggest back to English (I set it to Spanish by mistake).

I am new to Android, only had my tablet three weeks!
#20 nickheap, Sep 30, 2013
Solution 1: Root
The only way to remove these third-party apps would be to root your Android device and receive the Super User status.

Solution 2: Task Killers
Removing a widget: any of these which are displayed on the homescreen can be easily removed by tapping and holding the shortcut of the widget and drop it into the recycle bin.

Removing Apps: Any other application that you might want to “remove” requires the installation of a third-party app called Advanced Task Killer, which can be installed from Google Play. These types of apps will ''kill'' the process from running on your phone and auto-kill the app from starting (booting).

Once you've done this, the app will only be seen in the app drawer, however you reverse the process by going into the settings of your Task killer.

Just because you've ''killed'' the app, it will still take up storage however it won't use any resources.

If the app isn't protected, it can easily be uninstalled with an Uninstaller app.
Perhaps you can follow this guide: How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on Android
#21 HarryGerard, May 19, 2014
#22 javamann, May 21, 2014