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Help - Need Voice-Activated Reminder

Hi. I have a medical condition that requires me to take medication in a timed sequence. Unfortunately, the pills I take also severely cloud my cognitive functions. It's not much fun.

What I need is a voice-activated reminder app. I would say, for instance, "Google, take blue pill", and it would keep repeating that to me ("Take blue pill! Take blue pill!) every 5 or 10 seconds till I said "Google, no more blue pill", whereupon my phone would would shut up and stop repeating it.

Is there anything out there like that? I don't mind paying for this sort of app. I have an Oppo F1, if that's relevant.

Thanks everybody.


#1 john13, Dec 7, 2017
Try Microsoft Cortana?
It will sync with Windows on a PC as well.
#2 mikedt, Dec 7, 2017