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Root [Guide] Installing Xposed without Flashfire

[Installing Xposed without Flashfire]

[You will need]
  1. Root
  2. BusyBox installed (Link)
  3. Terminal Emulator installed (Link)
  4. Xposed framework App (Link -> file attachment)
  5. Installation Bin (Link) <= In english now
  6. Xposed framework Zip (Link)
  7. About 20 minutes

  1. Install Busybox, Terminal Emulator, and the Xposed framework app.
  2. Download the installer.bin file, and the recent version of xposed zip.
  3. Place the installer.bin file and the xposed zip onto the root of your sdcard.
  4. Open Terminal Emulator, and grant root access.
  5. type the following into the terminal "su".
  6. Then type "sh /sdcard/installer.bin".
  7. Wait until the install script prompts you, and then press "1" and enter.
  8. Wait until the script finished and you see "#" and can enter data.
  9. Restart the phone and wait. It looks bootlooped, but it takes a while.
  10. Android upgrade shows up and takes about 15 minutes to finish.
  11. Profit.

[Important stuff]

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#1 Angablade, Sep 19, 2016 Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
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#2 Angablade, Sep 19, 2016
No matter where I put the files, I get nowhere, not sure what I could be doing wrong?
#3 appleknight, Oct 3, 2016
Try renaming the Xposed install zip to "xposed-v00.zip"
#4 Angablade, Oct 3, 2016
Doesn't help, sorry I forgot to mention this... But the location "sdcard" is just a link that points to /storage/emulated/0, not an actual folder. And the installer.bin looks for /sdcard to be an acual location I believe
#5 appleknight, Oct 4, 2016
got it to work using latest flashfire and making sure all boxes were unchecked
#6 appleknight, Oct 11, 2016 Last edited: Oct 11, 2016