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Hi ive recently purchased my galaxy tab 2.

Ive realised that you cant move apps to the sd card, and ive also noticed that ive only got 4gb ofthe 8gb to play with.

Ive downloaded a movie from the google play store and downloaded it to the device.
Next month im going on a long plane journey and would like to download more than 1 film to watch (will have no access to wifi) is there anyway of getting these movies onto the sd card or am I limited to downloading just 1 film.

Thanks x


#1 delberto, Mar 15, 2013
Download on your computer, move to external micro sd card, plug card into tab (or use kies to transfer files) and play with the video player app that is built into the tab.
#2 Jxx, Mar 15, 2013
I've only downloaded one movie from the Play Store, but it was approx 100 minutes, in HD, and it used only 500mb. You should have room for more than one movie on the device.
#3 jwither, Mar 16, 2013
Ive downloaded a film from google play market and when I go to storageon the device its showing google play movies as being 2.29gb. :thinking:
#4 delberto, Mar 16, 2013
Can I download from the google market onto my computer, I think it only gives me the option to select my phone or tablet. Thank s for the reply x
#5 delberto, Mar 16, 2013
Doesn't look like it. I was going to Google that question, but I'll leave it to you.

Just checked another, Moneyball. It's 600mb. Sounds like you have a few already downloaded.
#6 jwither, Mar 16, 2013
i just dont understand it. Ive got a mate who has given me a copy of the new looper film on dvd, ive transferred it to the device on the memory card and it shows it being there on the device, but it wont play.

any idea what type of format the film will have to be in order for it to play on the device?

On the google movie app, it shows just the one film and the app+film using 2.92GB.
I dont understand it then.

Ive downloaded a free video from the built in video hub and that only shows 500mb of data used.

Knew i should of purchased a nexus
#7 delberto, Mar 16, 2013
Just move the movie from internal memory (sdcard) to the micro sdhc (extsdcard) via the stock MyFiles app or something like ES File Manager.

From page 17, the manual, Section 2: Understanding Your Device:

HD Video Player (1080p)
– Codec: MPEG4, H.264, H.263, VC-1, DivX, VP8, WMV7/8,
Sorenson Spark
– Format: 3GP (MP4), WMV (ASF), AVI (DivX), MKV, FLV, WEBM
• DivX Certified
#8 AnciusD, Mar 16, 2013
The few movies I've downloaded, this is how I have done it. extsdcard is your external sd card, which can be confusing.
#9 saptech, Mar 16, 2013
I can see a DVD rip being 3gb, but if you bought it legally from Google Play it would only be a fraction of that size.

Unfortunately, Google Play movies won't play if you move the file to the Extsdcard, but at least you have a card slot, unlike the Nexus, and ample room internally for several movies.

If you figure out the right formatting for DVD rips, you can run as many of those from the Extsdcard as you have room for.
#10 jwither, Mar 16, 2013
Thanks for your replies

Ive got a copy of a new film realease so I just dragged and dropped it on to my sd card. The built in video player on the tab wudnt play it, so I downloaded mx player app and that works.

I still think something is wrong as google play app showing as using 2.92gb of memory
The app itself on the google play store is something like 500mb.
#11 delberto, Mar 17, 2013
There is no app that is just called Google Play. There's Google Play Store, Google Play Movies & TV, etc.

First, go to Settings, Application Manager, Google Play Movies & TV, then look at how big the cache is vs. the data being used. You can clear both, but if you clear the data, you may have to log back into the play store, not sure.

If that doesn't free up the space, since this is more an app issue than a Tab issue, you might post your question in the app section below:

Android Applications - Android Forums
#12 jwither, Mar 17, 2013
I know this is an old thread (found it looking for an answer to my question). I just BOUGHT my first movie from Google Play. It didn't download to my Galaxy Note. It only gave me an option to "play" and it was streaming. I can't do streaming. My satellite connection is on the border of not being fast enough and I have a 10GB/month data cap. My grandchildren will want to watch it over and over again. I've looked and looked and can't see how to download (and not stream) the movie I BOUGHT. Google hasn't answered my request for help yet.

Never mind. I found the answer.
#13 monicakm, Mar 5, 2014