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Galaxy S8 Trade-in Scam

I had a 1-year old mint Galaxy S7 that I bought directly from Samsung the previous holiday season. The phone worked perfectly but I decided to upgrade to the S8 due to special holiday trade-in offer. My S7 never gave me any problems and I went down their checklist for a trade-in and my phone passed every item in their list. I sent it back in the original packaging with everything included. They rejected my trade-in, charged me an additional $375 and kept my S7!! I have been a Samsung customer for years and have appliances, speakers, monitors and a printer but I will never buy anything from Samsung again and I recommend you don't use their trade-in programs.


#1 Greg Heidel, Jan 9, 2018
Really??? I'm pretty sure Samsung aren't into stealing phones and your money (your money maybe but phone and money, nah). However if they did you'd probably be better contacting their customer services or the police or something. Just tell them my phone was stolen while eating an apple.
#2 Shotgun84, Jan 12, 2018
Samsung doing trade-ins? Never heard of that. Sure it was actually it legit, and whomever you sent it to might not have been Samsung? o_O
#3 mikedt, Jan 12, 2018
I can't find the trade in page on the site but they do on the US site. If you Google Samsung trade in there's a couple of hits at the top that have nothing to do with Samsung though. They just happen to have Samsung in their name :thinking:
#4 Shotgun84, Jan 12, 2018
The only thing I found was "samsungtradein dot com", which is NOT SAMSUNG, despite how it looks. It's registered to a private address in the UK. A cybersquatter, and is very probably a scam.
#5 mikedt, Jan 12, 2018
In fact that right there sounds like a African scam..they operate that way..they always find a channel to make it look legit
#6 Xavier Black, Jan 12, 2018
Yeah that one came up on my search too. Worryingly though it was harder to find Samsungs proper trade in. Seems it's only US though. Can't find it anywhere else
#7 Shotgun84, Jan 12, 2018
But I still thinking the merchants don't keep your stuff as a punishment and in top of that they charge you a "fee" doesn't sounds like here, guys..
#8 Xavier Black, Jan 12, 2018
Let's hope that's the site that @Greg Heidel the OP was referring to, and that his S7 isn't now in Nigeria or something. :nailbitingdroid:
#9 mikedt, Jan 12, 2018
The trade-in was directly with Samsung and it was offered during the holiday season. I received my Galaxy S8 in exchange for my S7. Samsung, at their discretion, can refuse to accept your trade-in. In which case, they keep your phone and then charge you for the balance of their full price of the phone which is an additional $375. They had my phone for over a month before they notified me that they would not accept my phone. My trade-in was in perfect condition. I only had it one year and I bought it directly from Samsung during the previous holiday sales event. I never had any problems with it and it met every criteria in their terms and conditions. In my opinion, Samsung basically committed fraud! I will never buy anything from Samsung again.
#10 Greg Heidel, Jan 13, 2018
There are many other complaints in the Samsung community forums of people who have also been ripped off just like myself! Samsung should be ashamed of their fraudulent offerings.
#11 Greg Heidel, Jan 13, 2018
This isn't the first time Samsung have been less than honest when it comes to trade-in schemes:
#12 El Presidente, Jan 13, 2018
I have disputed the charged as well as filed a complaint with the BBB. I doubt that anything will happen but I hope that others won't fall into their trap.
#13 Greg Heidel, Jan 13, 2018
Hmm, they have given themselves a clause that allows them to do something like that if they decide that the device doesn't meet their requirements:
Presumably this refers to the conditions described here:
You are absolutely certain that your device met all of those criteria, including the Factory Reset Protection one? That one is easy to miss because it's not visible as a setting anywhere, but will become active if you factory reset without signing out and removing the Google account from the phone first - I suspect that a lot of people fall foul of that simply because they don't know about it.

Now speaking as a Brit, if I was certain that my device met all of those criteria I'd probably start by contacting Samsung to insist that they told me why they made that decision, and then decide whether to follow-up via the small claims court or try to get the national media involved (the latter often causes recalcitrant companies to take notice, whereas they'll ignore individuals, because the publicity can cost them a lot of money). I don't know what the options are in the USA, but I'd make sure I had my facts absolutely straight first, and give them a chance to justify their actions (assuming, of course, that they haven't already told you why when they rejected it).
#14 Hadron, Jan 13, 2018
Yes, I went down the list item by item. It met every condition and was in pristine condition. I was the only owner and only the phone for 1 year. It didn't have a scratch on it, never failed to charge or hold a charge. I followed their reset instructions and even sent it back in the original box with all the accessories. They leave a loophole so they can reject it at their discretion, keep the phone, and charge you full price for your new phone. I have started a dispute both directly with Samsung and with my credit card company.
#15 Greg Heidel, Jan 13, 2018
Others have reported the same issue and all it says in the rejection email is failed to meet normal wear and tear. Others have also said that their phones were in mint condition and received the same rejection.
#16 Greg Heidel, Jan 13, 2018
Good luck!

They have set out a set of criteria, so "their discretion" has to relate to one of those. If this is widespread then they deserve to have their reputation trashed.
#17 Hadron, Jan 13, 2018
Yea, this was the first time I used their trade-in program. I would have taken pictures of my phone before sending it in if I thought there would be any issues. Now that they have the phone, they can do anything they want to it and say that it arrived in that condition. I don't really feel like I have any recourse. They basically are stealing from me and I am probably stuck. I have been a long-time Samsung customer. I have wireless speakers, kitchen applicances, monitors, the Gear watch, etc. but I will never buy anything from them again. Buyers beware!
#18 Greg Heidel, Jan 13, 2018
No corporation is your friend: by legal constitution their job starts and ends with making money without breaking the law. That's it. So there's no point in being loyal to any brand, because they will not reciprocate.
#19 Hadron, Jan 13, 2018
I have also filed a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and I encourage anyone else who has shared my experience to do the same.
#20 Greg Heidel, Jan 13, 2018
Specifically, what was the issue with your trade-in that they found unacceptable? Surely they couldn’t say it without a reason.
#21 Canesfan, Jan 13, 2018