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Hello :)

My friend and I have owned the Galaxy S3 for a week now, and yesterday, something strange happened to my friend's S III. Before she went to sleep at around midnight, she left her phone charging. In the middle of the night, at around 4 or 5 in the morning, she unplugged it because it was fully charged. She put it next to her on the bed so that she could hear the alarm that she had set. When she woke up, she realized the phone was really hot and had shut off. When she powered it back on, the battery was at 17%. That's 100% to 17% within a few hours. She then checked to see what was going on and saw that "Android System" was using about 80% of the battery usage. When she started charging it again, she also got a temperature warning (It was the picture you see when you start charging, and she said every 5 seconds, a little thermometer icon would pop up).

Today, we compared our phone usage after a full charge with moderate to little usage, and there is a definitely a noticeable difference in battery life. After about 2 hours 35 minutes, I'm at 91% battery, but she's already at 53%. Now her "Android System" seems to be fine, but we don't know if it will act up again.

Does anybody have an idea of what has happened with her phone? We truly appreciate all your input.


#1 SimT, Sep 1, 2012
Runaway app probably, any new recent program installs? There are android programs like System Panel that can tell you what apps are running. I think some people use BetterBatteryStats to evaluate what's going on, I've never used it so can't comment on it. Does the power drain continue even after a complete shutdown, battery pull, and restart?
#2 jaymf, Sep 1, 2012
I noticed a dramatic improvement in the heat problem (the thing does get damn hot!) after taking my battery out for five minutes and starting over
#3 KizWhalifa, Sep 1, 2012 Get this then in the settings let it kill the apps automatically every half hour. The S3 really isn't overheating that dual core processor working hard with apps in the background. This saved my S3 a whole 4 extra hours of battery life and running games my s3 doesn't even get as hot as it used too. If you don't want it to kill a certain app running you can customize it to not kill it. It's really a GREAT program.
#4 DroidUser1, Sep 1, 2012
go into settings > Developer options > check "Show CPU usage"

you should see gsiff_daemon at the top eating a ton of her CPU. is she rooted?

do NOT get a task killer. task killers are BAD. i dont know how many times i and others on this site have said so...
#5 scooter1942, Sep 1, 2012
Good luck with this. Mine suddenly overheated last weekend to the point that (1) it fried the SD card (actually, corrupted the filesystem rendering it unreadable) and also trashed the internal filesystem on the phone.

I was able to convince Verizon to replace it. Here's hoping that it doesn't do it again.

As to runaway apps -- yeah, that's possible, but in my case, I had NOT installed any apps just before the overheat and all the phone was doing was playing MP3's through bluetooth -- something it had been doing fine for months.
#6 WAWood8, Sep 2, 2012