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I have pre-ordered my Note 8 but am really stressing about how to protect that screen. Am I being paranoid? What are most of you Note 8 aficionados planning to do? I keep looking at cases, but apparently there is a problem with all the screen features being available or working properly if the screen is covered, as well as compatibility problems with cases and screen covers. I'm self-employed and this is a big purchase for me, so I'm curious about what other people think.


#1 PhoebeDog, Aug 29, 2017
I'm pretty torn on these in general but I think spending a few bucks on screen protectors and testing them yourself will be worth it based on your hesitation.
Otherwise... With gorilla glass and ip68 these phones are pretty damn sturdy. I hate covering up a beautifully manufactured phone but that has bitten me in the butt a few times.
I'd try a screen protector and no case and see how you fare. But that's just me.
#2 Rob, Aug 29, 2017
dont use a screen protector. ive tried these once or twice and they are not worth all the hassle.

since this is my first sammy and with a glass back, i will use a case for the back... :rob:
#3 marctronixx, Aug 29, 2017
Try to put glass on screen and use case for the back.
#4 Rachael Alice, Aug 30, 2017
I've used screen protectors on all my Notes since the Note 2 and always a case and pouch. It seems extreme but in my line of work (contruction) it's needed.
So about 6 months ago my I decided to remove my Note 4 screen protector to see what I was missing, it felt alot better to touch/clean and obviously looked clearer but most importantly I haven't managed to put a mark on it from that day to this!
As soon as I'm home from work, the case comes off and I just put it in a soft neoprene pouch (shocksock) when I'm not using it.
So I'm thinking maybe a new shocksock and case for the Note 8, but still it's alot of money to risk that lovely screen:(
#5 evohicks, Aug 30, 2017
I tried a screen protector once, didn't like it so I sent it back. The cut outs for the various holes and stuff on the face of my device didn't sync up fully, everything was off just a bit to be noticeable to me as the owner; and it was a name brand protector to! If you're concerned about protection, I'd be more concerned about drops and what you can do to minimize the shock of impact than using a measly screen protector. Admittedly I don't own a Note 8 - I own a Moto G5 Plus - but it's still an expensive phone for a mid-range device. I bought an inexpensive but nice gel case and have already dropped my device twice since getting it in March. I dropped it once face first onto a tile floor and once on the corner onto brick and in both cases the gel case performed nicely and suffered no damage.

Either buy a clear gel case if you'd rather not cover up the back of a beautiful device, or there are any number of fake backs for devices. I saw gel cases on Amazon recently that mimicked granite and wood (they were pretty good to...).
#6 kblanco, Aug 30, 2017
I'm looking at reviews for screen protectors, and I'm not confident at all. Many people are complaining that the adhesive fails and the thing pops off, or they just randomly start cracking. It seems to be a systemic problem across brands. It's tricky to make a 0.3" curved glass screen protector that actually works and lasts. Considering the specifications for Gorilla Glass 5, I'm pretty inclined to just leave the screen bare.

What are your thoughts?
#7 The_Chief, Aug 30, 2017
I'm running into the same thing--no one really seems happy with the protectors and with the curve it makes it almost impossible to adhere. A bumper guard seems the way to go, but am I missing something, because I haven't seen a case that seems able to protect that screen. I hope you are right about the Gorilla Glass because that seems to be the way to go.
#8 PhoebeDog, Aug 30, 2017
While I haven't really worried about covering my screen with smaller phones, that larger surface just begs to take a hit if I drop the phone face down even with a bumper. Parking lots are not always free of rocks and I know my track record!
#9 kokiangel, Aug 31, 2017
My thoughts exactly! I want to enjoy this phone, not be terrified every time I take it out of my purse. Do you have a plan?
#10 PhoebeDog, Aug 31, 2017
Ahaa yes I bought the Spigen Neo Flex screen protector but reading into it after receiving it, the writing said 'Spigen case friendly' so I will see how it fares with the Ringke case:)
#11 evohicks, Sep 2, 2017
I've had the Note5 for about a year and a half, and I put a screen protector on the face. It now has a slight chip in the screen protector, but I'm turning it back in to Verizon, so simply removing the screen protector will give me back a brand new screen! For my money, I'll put a quality screen protector on every time!

My son has a Galaxy S8+. His friend accidentally dropped it, and it now has a chip in the actual screen, NOT on a screen protector, as he didn't have a screen protector on it! His friend has agreed to pay to replace the screen, but if he had had a glass screen protector, it would have been easy to remove the damaged protector and put a new one on.

As for the back, the Note5 shows finger prints like crazy! It's beautiful if it's clean, immediately after you've wiped it down!

I had put a skin on the back. Kept the size small, and protected the back glass from scratches and damage. I've recently removed the skin, and my Note5 looks brand new from the back (and front)....

On the Note8, I've ordered and already received a Tech21 case, with a clear back, so you can see the beautiful back! Yea, it's not as nice as naked, but at least if I happen to drop it (or more accurately, WHEN I happen to drop it), I won't have a heart attack worrying that the back glass is going to crack.

My two cents....
#12 ShelW, Sep 3, 2017
I would love to find a good screen protector for the a Note 8... but the reviews I have read about the same brands in the S8+ size are not encouraging.
#13 The_Chief, Sep 3, 2017
Same here. I keep reading reviews but nothing that I find terribly encouraging. I have ordered a screen protector since I have to have something, but I'm going to keep reading and see what works for most people.
#14 PhoebeDog, Sep 4, 2017

I have the otter box defender series and so not happy with this purchase the screen is not protected and the sides stick out paid 63 for this case and they want u to purchase an additional 45 glass protector can someone recommend a better cheaper way to protect the screen
#15 tylektamala, Sep 8, 2017
Whitestone Dome has Note glass on eBay for $45 - very interesting videos on YouTube about it. Full adhesive not just on the sides.
#16 faf224, Sep 8, 2017
Any experience with just a flat rectangular tempered glass screen protector that does not cover the curved edges? Since the curved edged protectors have problems of staying on well, would a flat non-curved rectangular one work, Or have it own problems??
If good idea, please show some suggested links to specific products?
#17 Leob, Oct 8, 2017
With my S8 I had to spend $45 for a tempered glass screen protector that would work with some cases. With my N8 I decided to give the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector a try. Installation was easy and bubble-free, and I have changed cases a couple of times and the protector edges haven't lifted. The protector does pick up a lot of fingerprints, but that seems to be a fairly common problem with glass screen protectors.
#18 WeeWilly, Oct 9, 2017
Okay, but that seems a curved one. Have you considered the Whitestone Dome alternative?
#19 Leob, Oct 9, 2017
I am running whitestone dome with a uag case and have not looked back
#20 Joshuah22a, Oct 9, 2017
I had the Whitestone Dome protector on my S8 and it was fine; however, before I purchased the Whitestone I contacted the company and asked about case compatibility. They sent me a list of cases and the one I selected was fine. Since the curved edges on the N8 are not as extreme as those on the S8, I decided to try a full-screen glass protector that was almost one fourth the cost of the Whitestone. So far I've been happy with the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector. I've changed cases several times and the edges haven't lifted.
#21 WeeWilly, Oct 9, 2017
Glass screen protectors are a wise choice for anyone looking to protect their smartphone screens from damage. The Galaxy Note 8's curved display makes this a bit more challenging but it's possible to find some good glass screen protectors if you know where to look.

Here's a great, well-reviewed glass screen protector I found and it even comes in a handy 2-pack.
At $17, it roughly comes out to about $8.50 per glass screen protector. It comes with either black or clear bezels, depending on your preference. Even then, I'd proceed with caution as the reviews suggest it's either hit or miss.

My advice? Stick to plastic film screen protectors which adhere much better to the curved display. You can find a great one here.
#22 GamerCore, Oct 11, 2017 Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
Those are some very suspect reviews. No going to fall for that one. The only one I would suggest is the Whitestone Dome and it is a PAIN to install, costs $45 and their customer service is horrible.
#23 faf224, Oct 11, 2017
I'm happy with my i-blason tempered glass, $17 and comes with a template.
#24 pool_shark, Oct 11, 2017
I've had the Digital Trend glass screen protector on my Note 8 for over a month. Adhesive on all four edges. No complaints.
#25 kknickelson, Oct 12, 2017