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Fireamwear GALAXY SM-G950U1ATT

I have a Galaxy SM-G950U1 unlocked i'm looking for ATT-G950U1UEU2AQK2-20171129151750.zip
Sammobile no good had 3 Errors as well as Samsung had the same 3
Errors and in there fireamwear.


#1 danielunde, Dec 7, 2017
Try downloading from updato, like sammobile it's a reliable source for verified Samsung stock ROMs:
#2 svim, Dec 7, 2017
#3 danielunde, Dec 17, 2017
You can download the Galaxy S8 SM-G950U1 ATT here and it's fast about an hour http://forum.updato.com/
#4 danielunde, Dec 17, 2017